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The Rock Knocks John Cena, Updates from Michael Tarver, DDP/Nash

June 16, 2011   ·   0 Comments

– WWE has removed Michael Tarver’s bio fro their roster page. Tarver has posted the following messages on his Twitter since being released from WWE:

“Thanx for the kinds words guys but im just getting warmed up wwe was just the beginning ,,,,,,,,GOD HELP US …..stay tuned…

Whats going on family ,fyi im about to go H.A.M. all over the web starting this sunday night ,you havent seen my potential yet ,stay tuned..

Im cancerous so when I dance you wouldnt want to bomb either if you responded back with a battle rap you wrote for JOHN CENA ,stay tuned… Having some fun ,,,,,stay tuned…”

– Diamond Dallas Page and Kevin Nash are scheduled to be at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo in Calgary this weekend from the BMO Centre.

– The Rock took a photo with Disney character Goofy while at the theme park yesterday and wrote the following about John Cena as a caption: “Just bumped into John Cena! I was gonna knock the goofy off his ass, but I’ll save that ass whuppin for Wrestlemania.”


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