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Top 50 Superstars Of All Time. DVD Review

March 30, 2011   ·   0 Comments

Top 50 Superstars of all time

By Adam Peacock

Todd Grisham is your host for this DVD and he lets us know that the list was voted by the current WWE Superstars. They asked the superstars to rate their favourite performers of all time and that was the only criteria. Makes sense really but I am guessing this list will be a little bit biased when it comes to people like Hogan, Flair and Foley. Also I am loving the new studio that the WWE are using.

50. Killer Kowalski
The trainer of champions when it comes to Triple H. John Cena and Regal and a bunch of old timers put him over. All of them mention him looking and sounding threatening and vicious. Triple H says that it made him a Ring General getting trained by him. Some good use of archive footage of Killer, and a good way to kick off the top 50.

49. Batista
I wasn’t expecting him to be on this list. Seriously, I don’t understand why he is. I have never really liked his in-ring work, he can’t really cut a promo and his character was two dimensional. I will admit that his last heel turn was the most entertaining he was in his entire run. Everyone puts over the way he looks and the way he carried himself. If he is on the list I am glad it is so low down. Also I miss seeing his spinebuster.

48. Rick Rude
I think Rude should have been at least in the thirties and probably higher if he was pushed as the top guy during the late 80s/early 90s. The guys put over his body and Matt Striker says that from the neck down men were jealous of him and the women wanted him. The Miz even says he still watches Rude to see what he can learn. Rude was a guy who was unlucky to come during the time of Hogan and Warrior because if Rick Rude was in his prime now no doubt he would be a world champion in the company.

47. Bob Backlund
I am also surprised at Bob being so low on list considering that he held the world championship for over 5 years. Skaaland [Bob’s manager during his first run] is the first person to put him over which is pretty sweet. The Miz brings up the fact he was champion for over 5 years. [Thanks Miz] Then we get people talking about his amateur skill and Striker brings up the point that he was a shooter and no one wanted to challenge him. We don’t get anything from his 90s run which was pretty fantastic and I was a fan of crazy Bob. So this is a shame that there was no mention of it. I am still annoyed that he has a victory over Alex Shelley.

46. Dory Funk. Jr
Striker says that everyone expected to see wrestling whenever they saw his name and that’s what they got. We see a couple of old guys, including his own father and brother put him over. We also get Terry saying that it is a wonderful thing that his brother got a chance to be a world champion at such a young age. I am shocked that they didn’t mention him being a trainer because he has helped develop some of the biggest superstars including the Hardyz and Edge. It was also a pretty short segment.

45. Jeff Hardy
Really? Jeff Hardy has made this list. I am shocked I don’t think he should have been put on this list. But if he has to be on this list then I am glad it isn’t any higher. We get a lot of the younger guys putting over Hardy. Edge says he wishes he could get into Hardy’s head for one day just to see what it is like. Then Triple H says Jeff was too small to be in the Main Event but he does it anyway. I like the fact WWE included Helms and Moore talking about Hardy since they are all best friends. Also I love the fact WWE used clips of the Undertaker vs Jeff Hardy ladder match which in my opinion is Jeff’s best match ever. It is a shame that he has fallen so far since leaving the WWE.

44. Nick Bockwinkel
Bockwinkel got lucky because he got the best wrestling manager in his corner in Bobby Heenan. Regal puts Nick over as the ultimate professional. Miz says he watches his matches as well and he still learns from him. Are we just going to assume that he just sits in his hotel room watching video tapes? HONKY TONK MAN YES…..I am excited to see him and I couldn’t understand a word he said. Jericho said he had great presence in the ring.

43. Kane
Straight off the bat we get Cena calling Kane the most underrated superstar in WWE History. I agree totally with him. We get shots of the 2001 Royal Rumble were he pretty much dominated the match and finished runner up. Miz says his unmasking was one of the highest rated Raw Shows of all time. Cena then finishes off by saying he was happy when Kane won the Money in the bank and won the world title because he deserved it and I can’t help but agree with Cena again. Kane had a good year in 2010; he won the world title and finally won a feud against Undertaker.

42. Sgt. Slaughter
Briscoe is the first man to speak and he says that you can’t get any more American then Slaughter. We get a GI Joe reference….sweet. Then we move onto his Iraqi sympathiser gimmick that he used during the early 90s and how much the fans hated him. Everyone says he did something that is pretty rare – that he had a successful run as both face and heel and not many men can say that in the business. We close on Slaughter turning face and being the love Pro-USA wrestler we all love.

41. Jack Briscoe
We get some awesome archive footage of Briscoe with Lawler and JJ Dillon putting him over as a good wrestler. Lawler talks about his transition from college wrestling to professional and how well he took to it. Striker puts him over as a real man and Flair gets the last word saying that he could wrestle anyone on any level in the world.

40. Big Show
Cena kicks us off by calling Big Show this generations Andre the Giant. Well it is his son duh :p We pretty much get shots of him destroying people and we even get a shot of the Smackdown ring break. We get to see a dropkick by the Big Show…holy shit that looked decent. HOLY SHIT A MISSILE DROPKICK OFF THE TOP….HOW COME I HAVE NEVER SEEN THIS BEFORE! Striker calls him a gentle giant that you don’t want to piss off. Well I have to say The Big Show segment has been the best one so far.

39. Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts
We get a few men putting over the fact that he invented the DDT and that it was a clever finisher. We then get people putting over his promo work and the fact that he never had to shout or scream during his promos. Then Cena says that he was the first man to develop a character and stick with it. Then randomly DH Smith pops up and says that Jake The Snake Roberts is one of the greatest characters in WWE history. We get a nice shot of Damien the snake looking at Jake as he laughs.

38. Superstar Billy Graham
Vince McMahon is the first person to speak who says that he was very unique. Miz then talks about his attire and then about how he ended Bruno Sammartino’s 7 year run as WWF Champion. Cena says that Superstar Billy Graham shocked the World by winning the belt. Cena said that he was before his time and even compares him to the legend that is Muhammed Ali. Jericho says his showmanship was off the chart. We finally see Heenan who says Graham was awesome. We see how he inspired Venture’s dress sense and even Hulk Hogan. Hulk even admits that Graham is the reason he got into the business.

37. Junkyard Dog
I am actually surprised at how high he is on this list considering we have a few former world champions below him. Cena wonders how you can’t like JYD. We see shots of how over JYD was back in 80s. Cena talks about how he entertained in the southern states before getting his chance in the WWF. [That would have been a big thing back then considering he was a black wrestler in the southern states]. We see a fantastic promo by him which made me laugh. Striker says that he still does JYD’s Juke. Hayes says that he was loved by everyone and I can’t help but agree.

36. Gorilla Monsoon
Cena has been on fire on this DVD and he comes straight out and says that Monsoon was one of the best big men that this business has ever seen. Woah he lost a shit load of weight when he got older. Striker says that Gorilla was doing things well ahead of his time which leads into his fight with Muhammed Ali before even the first Wrestlemania. We see Gorilla giving Ali the airplane spin. Cena says he was the voice of the WWE. Then we get to see Heenan and Monsoon partnership. [See The Heenan review for more on this.] We see the Gorilla position behind the scenes as we move on.

35. Buddy Rogers
We move onto the original Nature Boy! Haha the first thing that is said about him is that he was the original Nature Boy by Jerry Lawler. DiBiase says that he stood out from the crowd. Jim Cornette says he was the first man to really use the strut and a more flamboyant style of wrestling. The Miz says that he was the first ever WWF champion…but we all knew that right? Quick and fitting tribute to the original Nature Boy.

34. Kurt Angle
Well this is a surprise considering he has been in TNA for such a long time. Oh how I miss his theme music. Santino puts over his credentials saying that no one has them all. Regal says he is a master wrestler. Cena calls him a machine and Jericho says he is a freak of nature. Ziggler says he is a different breed. Striker closes the Kurt Angle by saying he is one of the best of all time.

33. Mick Foley
As if he is not in the top thirty, I guess that is what you get when you work for TNA. Regal says you can’t help but like him. We know more on to the three faces of Foley. Then we move onto the Rock N Sock connection which has to be the best thrown together team ever. We also see the debut of Mr. Socko. We also get to see the commissioner Foley era. Then of course we see Hell in a Cell ’98 bumps. Santino says it is a fine line between bravery and crazy and he may have crossed the line [TNA reference! You got to love Santino!] Joey Styles finishes by saying that Mick Foley is one of the greatest stars ever.

32. Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka
Striker said that he fell in love with wrestling because of Jimmy Snuka. Miz says that without Superfly we wouldn’t have highflyers like Rey Mysterio and Evan Bourne. Cena talks about the Superfly Splash. Regal then talks about his interview style of just rambling. Regal says that it didn’t matter because everyone just watched him. We see the Madison Square Garden splash off the top of the cage and Striker says that he was nine year old watching it in the audience.

31. The Iron Sheik
The Miz says he was one of the best because he was the most hated. DiBiase says that the fans hated him for a long time. Slaughter says that he feared for The Iron Sheik’s safety when it came to the fans’ hatred for him. Regal calls him the real deal. We see The Iron Sheik becoming the new world champion and how much people hated him. We don’t get to see anything about him being the man that kick started Hulkamania.

30. Pat Patterson
Dillon is the first man to speak on Patterson and he says he was a fantastic singles wrestler and tag team wrestler with Ray Stevens. Lawler says he is the first ever WWE Intercontinental Champion but he doesn’t mention the fictional tournament. Lawler then says that after he retired he began one of the best people behind the scene. Dillon says that Pat was the man who was one step behind Vince McMahon and he deserves a lot of credit for the success of the WWE. Striker says he has helped a lot of the young talent. Jericho says that Pat taught him more than anyone else about wrestling and that he learnt 90% of the stuff he knows from him. Miz says to this day Pat still helps to try and make every superstar better. Todd Grisham drops a knowledge bomb of Patterson inventing the Royal Rumble Match.

29. Randy Orton
I am a fan of Orton but even I think this is a little high for him. If this list was made in about ten years time I have no fear in predicting that he will be even higher on the list. John Cena says that Randy Orton is the best superstar he has ever seen. He also calls him the smooth in the ring. OVW Randy Orton looks strange. Regal says that he has the ‘it’ factor and a natural talent for wrestling. Striker says he has made the Orton name his own and has smashed the things his father and grandfather did. Miz says that Randy has evolved from when he first started. Cena finishes off saying you haven’t seen the best of Randy Orton yet and then says if you make another DVD later he will be higher….me and Cena are on the same page I like it.

28. Freddy Blassie
Everyone puts him over as the most hated wrestler in the history of the business and also one of the most feared managers as well. We spend the whole time putting over how evil he is. We get another Hogan interview who says that he had an aura about him. Briscoe says that being like Freddy Blassie is how you are supposed to conduct yourself. JJ Dillon says that he used to dress up as Santa Claus at Christmas at the WWE headquarters. Vince and Stephanie put over how much he loved life. I will always remember Freddy Blassie’s invasion speech it was amazing.

27. Fabulous Moolah
Regal starts by saying she was the most famous out of all the female wrestlers. The Miz says that she was a champion in four different decades and that does deserve some respect. Lawler then repeats exactly what Regal said about her. Mae Young says that she is the best female wrestler of all time. Then we see Moolah, who said she was dreaming about becoming a wrestler when she was nine years old. Cena then says she defined women’s wrestling and without her there wouldn’t be divas. Sensational Sherri says that if it wasn’t for her she wouldn’t have been here. Lawler sums it up by saying that there will never be another Fabulous Moolah.

26. Ted DiBiase
Jericho kicks us off by saying that Ted DiBiase was the best character in the 80s. MVP talks about his swagga before moving onto the things he used to make fans do for money. We see the famous clip with the little kid bouncing a basketball for money only for Ted to kick it away and MVP says he thought it was messed up. Santino says he shows the bad side of mankind when it comes to greed and money. You have to love his laugh.

25. Chris Jericho
I think this is another shocking decision considering he was the first undisputed champion beating both Rock and Austin in the same night. Josh talks about the beginning of Chris Jericho in WCW as a cruiserweight. We get to see his list of a 1001 holds. Then we see his debut on Raw in a verbal battle against The Rock. Morrison says that Chris always has something funny to say about anyone. Josh says that over the years Jericho has evolved into something completely different. Kofi says he is entertaining to watch. We see him winning his many Intercontinental championships. Then we get Jericho bragging about his undisputed championship victories over The Rock and Austin. Cena says he is one of the best because he continues to evolve and get better. We finish with a Jericho promo saying he is the best in the world.

24. Bruno Sammartino
This guy held the world title for over seven years but doesn’t even make the top twenty what a shame. Miz starts us off by saying that the fans in New York are still talking about him. Regal says that he carried the championship with pride and honour. Cena says that Sammartino was his father and grandfather’s favourite wrestler. Ernie Ladd says that he was a legend in New York. Striker then says that Sammartino bridged the gap between the different ethnic groups. Striker then says he was one of the greatest ever.

23. Hulk Hogan
Todd Grisham starts by saying he is shocked at how low he is on the list and I can’t believe that he is only 23rd. He was the face of wrestling and made tonnes of money for the WWE. I guess working for TNA has dropped him down 22 spaces in my opinion. We may all rag on him and his matches but we all grew up with him and it is a shame about the pettiness. You ask any casual fan to name a wrestler and the majority would say Hulk Hogan. Kofi basically calls him the greatest. Lawler says that Hulkamania went wild around the world. Barrett says that he always had a connection with the audience. Cena calls him a hero to so many people, including himself. Barrett says that he had more faith in Hogan than any other wrestler growing up. DiBiase calls him the first icon of wrestling. Regal says that Hulk Hogan is larger than life. We see some Hollywood Hogan and even get the stare down between The Rock and Hogan at Wrestlemania. So basically everyone says he is the best of all time but yet he is 23 on the list.

22. Terry Funk
FFS so you go to maybe the biggest star of all time and the first person to beat him is Terry Funk aka Chainsaw Charlie. Austin starts by saying that the Funks are legends. We see Terry Funk winning the NWA world heavyweight championship. Regal says that Terry Funk always brings a smile to his face. Jericho says that he was one of the forefathers of hardcore wrestling. Jericho then talks about he reinvented himself in ECW which leads to a lot of clips from his time in there. Jericho then credits Funk for helping to build ECW. Lawler then says in his opinion Terry Funk is the greatest wrestler of all time.

21. Lou Thesz
Cena starts by saying that Lou Thesz is wrestling. Larry Hennig says that he was the greatest wrestler of all time. Jack Brisco says that he was his idol. Harley Race then credits Lou Thesz from bringing wrestling out from the dark ages and into mainstream culture. Jim Cornette says that Lou Thesz dominated during his time in the ring. Regal calls him the ultimate professional wrestler, which he also said about Nick Bockwinkel. Regal also says he is the number one man to look up to and admire. Lawler closes this segment by saying that Lou Thesz set the example about what being a world champion meant.

20. Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler
Ted DiBiase kicks us off, talking about Memphis, where he was the biggest star in the state. Cornette says that Jerry Lawler, back in Memphis, was the Stone Cold Steve Austin in his day. They talk about how important it was when he dropped the strap on his attire. We then move onto his feud with Andy Kaufman which is probably the biggest point in his career. Miz says he has done everything which leads to a clip of Lawler winning the AWA championship. Striker says that Lawler has more title wins than anyone in the history of the business. Cena then talks about how well he did transitioning into a colour commentator. Striker then closes by saying that the king is still alive and he is Jerry Lawler.

19. Edge
We kick off with a list of all the accomplishments that Edge has received during his run in the WWE. Cena calls him one of the most talented/sadistic guys in the business. WOOOO KAZOO REFERENCE FTMFW. We see him cashing in the money in the bank. Josh Matthews says that he can’t look away from Edge and that is a mark of greatness. Striker says that Edge vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania could be the greatest match he has ever seen. Arn Anderson says that Edge always gives a great match no matter who you put in the ring with him.

18 & 17. Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes
We start with Dusty Rhodes, and Regal saying that even though he looked horrible in the ring his charisma got him over. Lawler says Dusty could do it all in the ring. We move onto his promos and we see The Miz doing a good impression of Dusty and saying he loves Dusty Rhodes. Cena then says he enjoyed watching Dustin Rhodes when he was growing up. Dillon says that Dusty became the poor man’s champion and, in a way, the people’s champion. Arn Anderson closes by saying that Dusty is the most charismatic man ever to set foot in the ring.

Cena starts for Ric Flair and he says that he had everything. Striker then talks about how to this day people aged between 7 and 70 still woo when they think about Ric Flair. Kidman says that he gives it his all every night when he gets into the ring and he is the master. Regal says he is an excellent entertainer. Lawler says he has had one of the greatest careers of all time. We close on shots of Ric after his match with Michaels at Wrestlemania.

16. John Cena
Lawler starts by saying he is one of a kind when it comes to the company. The Miz says he is one of the hardest workers inside of the ring, and outside. Kofi then says he is the face of the WWE now and I can’t help but agree. Lawler then says that there has never been a presence in wrestling like John Cena. We see shots of him picking up people like Big Show showing how strong he actually is. Josh Matthews calls him the complete package when it comes to being a wrestler. We close on Cena holding the WWE title up high.

15. Mr. Perfect
Cena sums up this position in one sentence. ‘Mr Perfect was that…perfect.’ We see his father who says he had it all, and you have to agree. Regal says he was so talented in the ring, and Wade Boggs talks about his drive and determination and about how he never missed when he spat the gum out of his hand and slaps it away. Kofi then talks about that famous pencil flip that he did at Summerslam. Heenan says he loves him and he was a good athlete.

14. Randy Savage
We start with Miz doing an impression of Macho Man Randy Savage saying that if you can do an impression of someone and re-enact their promo then that person is one of the greatest superstars of all time. Cena says that Randy Savage took the WWE by surprise and they didn’t know what they had on their hands when he first came in. We progress onto Savage announcing his new manager in Miss Elizabeth. We see a shot of the match made in heaven wedding. Striker talks about his theme before Kofi talks about his attire. Cena closes by saying that he went out in the ring and delivered every time.

13. Gorgeous George
Lawler starts by calling him an innovator, saying before Gorgeous George no one was doing what he was doing in the ring. Cena says he redesigned the business and coined the phrase ‘sports entertainment’. WHAT THE HELL… the director of ‘Hairspray’ and ‘Cry Baby’ is on this DVD and he says that George made it cool for guys to be flamboyant and feminine. Miz echoes the same statement as Walters. Matt Striker says that when you think of all the finds he introduced into wrestling, including entrance music, it shows how great he was.

12. Triple H
Kofi starts us off by saying every time he hears his music it pumps him up and gives him goose-bumps just thinking about it. Striker talks about the evolution of Triple H and how he made it cool to like wrestling. Cena says that no one is as prepared as The Game. Regal calls him a master in the ring and gives a nod towards WCW, when Triple H was the protge of Steven Regal saying he had a good mentor. A few men put over that he can kick your ass and also make you laugh as member of DX. I don’t like Triple H but I do feel like he should be in the top ten.

11. Eddie Guerrero
See I know this is going to sound harsh but I feel the only reason he is that high is because he died at an early age. I honestly think that if he was alive today then he wouldn’t be as high as he is on this DVD. Chavo starts, which I think is a nice touch as he says that it was expected of them to become wrestlers because it was in their blood. Ric Flair says that Eddie is in the top ten of people he has wrestled in his career. Jericho says that when Eddie was in the right mood he was the best in the world. Jeff Hardy says that Eddie had every quality to be the perfect wrestler. Cena says the best moment for Eddie was when he came to the WWE and was allowed to show how charismatic he was. We see him winning the WWE title from Brock Lesnar. Rey closes by saying that Eddie is number one in his heart and his mind.

10. Roddy Piper
Everyone calls him an outlaw, wild man and extremely charismatic. Barrett says that Piper always entertained him in the ring, be it with his words or his actions. Kidman says he was one of the first bad guys that people liked because he was cool. Striker sums up Piper quite well by saying ‘He was an easy guy to hate but he was a guy you hated to love.’ Gene Okerlund credits Piper for the success of Wrestlemania I. We move onto Piper’s pit which gives us footage of its greatest moments. The Miz finishes on the best note by saying if you hit Jimmy Snuka in the head with a coconut then you are one of the greatest of all time.

9. Rey Mysterio
Right so Hulk Hogan is twenty three in the list but Rey Mysterio makes the top ten, what in the hell is up with this list? Cena calls Mysterio a superhero. Arn Anderson says it doesn’t matter who he goes into the ring with, he always has a chance of winning and that is part of the magic of Rey. We see Rey winning the world championship at Mania which was an outstanding match. The Miz makes a good point by saying people call him the smallest world champion, ever but he’d rather call him the greatest innovator of the high flying style of wrestling. Jericho says he loves working with Mysterio and he is probably the biggest Rey Mysterio fan. Jericho also says that he is one of the best at connecting with the fans. Regal says he loves watching him.

8. Andre The Giant
We start with a lot of talk about how big he was and how much he drew a crowd. We also hear about how being a fan at the time meant you had to go and see him. Regal then talks about his younger days and how graceful he was for such a huge man. This all then leads to Wrestlemania III, and Hulk vs. Andre. Dillon credits Andre for bringing 93,173 fans to Wrestlemania. Cena says that he had superhero powers. We also get Ric Flair saying that he was the most well known sports superstar at the time. DiBiase backs that up by saying even non-wrestling fans know who Andre the Giant was. Lawler calls him the greatest wonder in the world of professional wrestling ever.

7. Ricky Steamboat
Arn Anderson goes straight for the kill by saying that he is one the greatest performers ever. Kofi says that Ricky is his personal favourite wrestler ever. Regal calls him incredibility talented in the ring, and Christian adds to that by saying for Ricky, being in the ring was like breathing. Bret Hart says that if you want to learn how to wrestle then watch Steamboat. Wow Steamboat really is getting put over here. We go back to Wrestlemania III and the awesome match between Savage and Steamboat. On a personal note I still think this was a good match but Steamboat vs. Flair was better in my opinion. Everyone still puts over Savage vs. Steamboat. Flair says that he enjoyed working with Steamboat and Miz calls him a role model. NWA referee Tommy Young says that Steamboat has everything. Regal also called him a role model.

6. Harley Race
Harley Race just looks like he will destroy you. Miz mentions that Harley is someone everyone talks about. JJ Dillon calls him a man’s man. Flair calls him the toughest man he has ever been in the ring with. Cena says that he has heard stories from Hall of Famers saying how tough and skilful Race was. Funk calls him the best champion the NWA has ever had. We get a lot of shots of Harley being the world champion and he just looks like a destroyer. Arn says he was never in a rush to ring and Arn says that he patterned himself after Race and you can see that in his ring work. DiBiase says you didn’t want to piss him off because he could hurt you. Regal closes the segment by calling him a fantastic wrestler.

5. The Rock
Regal kicks us off by saying he had it. Miz then pops up and says Rock is his favourite wrestler of all time (and I bet he loves working with him at the moment). We get a lot of different men putting over the Rock’s microphone skills and the fact that you didn’t know what he was going to say next. Jericho calls him the total package and I have to agree with him because even thought I was a Stone Cold guy I still had respect for The Rock. We get the Rock vs. Hogan, which even Jericho said should have been the main event because no one could follow it. We get to see Austin, who says he had a lot of fun taking on The Rock and that they brought out the best with each other. Jericho then talks about the fans reaction Rock would get when he came out to the ring. Even Greg Valentine put him over as the best from this generation. We get an awesome little package of him using other people’s catch phrases and I couldn’t help but laugh at his impression of Razor Ramon/Scott Hall. Jericho says he could make anything funny even a Chinese food menu. Striker says there will never be anyone like the Rock, and Miz finishes by calling him the greatest.

4. Bret Hart
We open with Arn comparing Bret to a car you love that has loads of miles on it but still keeps going and going. Piper says that Bret has the total package. We see the first clips of the screwjob and we also see Anvil put over his brother in law and former tag partner. Ziggler calls Bret a machine in the ring and one of the greatest ever. Okerlund says just the accomplishments alone should but him in the top ten. Animal, from the Legion of Doom puts Bret over as a seller and how he made people look amazing in the ring. Kofi says you have to be tough to go into the ring wearing pink. Regal calls him exceptionally good and Vince says you can’t argue that, when you’re watching Bret you are watching the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.

3. ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin
I think I would have had Austin in the top two as he and Hogan drew the most money when it came to the business. DH Smith says Austin took wrestling to a whole new level. Cena says that he was responsible for so many memorable moments in the history of the WWE. DiBiase says he was the right guy, right place and right time. This is a nice touch considering that the reason we got Stone Cold was because DiBiase left the WWF for WCW. Josh Matthews says that when you heard the glass shatter you knew shit was going to go down. We go onto the feuds with Vince and The Rock, with Jericho calling him the first anti-hero. Kofi says that many people jump on the wrestling bandwagon because of Steve Austin. Cena says that Austin is a hero of him and then talks about the timeline of sports entertainment, from Gorgeous George, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan to Steve Austin – which is a good point from Cena. Matthews says that he was the Attitude era. Cena then calls the Stone Cold persona brilliant and something that kick started the company. Dibiase says he is the greatest guy they have ever had, and Rocky Johnson says that Austin drew more money than anybody else in the business. We close with Vince McMahon calling him the greatest superstar of all time.

2. The Undertaker
Regal kicks us off by calling him the phenomenon. Cena says that whenever sports entertainment is mentioned his picture is seen. Cena says that he is truly one of the greatest. Lawler asks who has had more of a storied career, and puts over how amazing Undertaker is and that the persona, visuals and Paul Bearer all added to his greatness. I think it is CM Punk who says that the landscape of professional wrestling would be completely different if Undertaker never existed. Cena talks about the Wrestlemania streak and says that nobody will ever come close to the record that he has. CM Punk says he does things that other men can’t do. Big Show talks about how Wrestlemania changes Undertaker. Triple H says that it is a benchmark that will never be duplicated. Striker says that no one is more respected than Undertaker and that he is a legend, and Lawler finishes by saying he may be the best of all time.

1. Shawn Michaels
So he is number one…am I shocked? Not at all! Regal starts by saying he is as good as anyone has ever been. We see the Rockers working together before we see Michaels tossing Marty into the barber shop window. We get his solo career, including the ladder match at Wrestlemania X. Arn Anderson says that no one will be better and no one has been better. We also get the Iron Man Match from Wrestlemania XIII before we see the screwjob and DX. Everyone puts him over as the best. The rest is pretty much a highlight of the rest of the segment showing the reason why he is called Mr. Wrestlemania. Jericho gets the last word saying that nobody even comes close to Shawn on this list.

Grisham signs off and says this list will bring up some discussion….YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT IT WILL!

Right I could probably write another thousand words on the reasons why this list sucks, so I will focus on the content rather than the order. I have to say that this was a pretty good DVD and I actually enjoyed it. I won’t actually go into detail about the other discs but the matches that feature on both are a pretty fantastic collection. We get some rare matches like Muhammed Ali vs. Gorilla Monsoon, and Monsoon vs. Andre the Giant in a boxing match. With some rare and quality matches on this three DVD set I highly recommend this for everyone.


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