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WrestleFest ’88 & WrestleFest ’90 DVD (2 Discs)

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WrestleFest ’88 & ’90 Tagged Classic SeriesWrestlefest
Disc One

The Good: 
Bad News Brown vs. Bret Hart
This match has high expectations because both men known each others work from Stampede Wrestling. Bret talks about working with Bad News in his book saying that Bad News was a bastard when it came to selling and working to stiff. [Bret Hart’s book is available from all good book stores and some rubbish ones too.] The match is hard hitting with both men getting offence, I am guessing this was meant to lead to something down the line maybe even involve the Intercontinental Championship. Bad News Brown wins the match after he reverses a roll up and hooks the tights. After the match Bret’s tag partner Jim Neidhart comes rushing down to the ring and The Hart Foundation get revenge over what just happened. This was a good match-up which probably lead to an even bigger match down the line, which we never got. I am giving this two out of five but it is still probably going to be the best match on the card.
Weasel Suit Match
The Ultimate Warrior vs. Bobby Heenan
See my Bobby Heenan review for my opinion on the weasel suit match. In self destruction of the Ultimate Warrior, Heenan says that he hated working with Warrior and he didn’t care about anyone but himself. I will give Warrior credit he looks amazing physically, so it is a shame that he couldn’t focus on getting his ring work better. It is a cat and mouse match with Heenan using every technique to stay ahead and away from Warrior before Warrior makes his big comeback. Warrior puts Heenan to sleep and puts him into the Weasel Suit and Heenan sells it pretty well. This match served it purpose and was kept short for a reason. I give this match a one and half out of five. WWE should bring back the Weasel Suit match!
The Bad:
The Powers of Pain vs. The Bolsheviks
The Legion of Doom come out…I mean Demolition….I mean Powers of Pain come and basically don’t sell anything that the Bolskeviks try to dish out. This is your basic squash match-up as a way to build to a Powers of Pain vs Demolition match. Powers of Pain win after nailing the running powerslam/diving headbutt combo. This match was terrible! Seriously, why even bother trying to have the Bolsheviks use offence. This should have been a simple one minute squash. The Powers of Pain interrupt the national anthem and then beat the Bolsheviks inside a minute. It would have been more impressive then them not selling for a few minutes. This gets one star out of five.
Jim Neidhart vs. Lanny Poffo
We have another squash match here as we get two men who don’t know what role they are playing in the match-up. Jim at the time is meant to be a heel but comes off looking more like a face especially now since Bret is a face. While Lanny comes off as a heel, I think WWF were trying to make him the underdog face. Anyway we get a good opening when Lanny actually goes for a moonsault, which is a nice change of pace after sitting through three bad matches so far. Then Jim takes control and keeps nailing punches and crackling after everyone which makes him look ridonkulous. Neidhart wins with a body slam and this match gains half a star out of five.
Dino Bravo vs. Ken Patera
Patera starts off in control but Dino Bravo takes control and then the match ends soon after. This match was just horrible they was no chemistry in the match up. It was just two muscle men going at it. You needed someone like Hart or Michaels in this match to make Bravo look better. Anyway I give this match a half a star out of five.
The Ugly:
Killer Bees vs. Rougeau Brothers
I don’t care for either team but it was a decent tag team match-up. It was your basic 80s style tag match with Rougeau Brothers using every dirty trick in the book to get the crowd involved, but you knew which team were on they way out of the company and which were going to get the push. The commentators weren’t doing well when it came to putting over the talent, focusing more on the names of moves. Blair looks like Dave the lighting guy from Orgazmo = AMAZING! The Rougeau Brothers beat the Killer Bees via shenanigans and the Bees are pissed about losing the match up. This was your basic tag team nothing special or exciting so I am giving it one and a half out of five.
Intercontinental Championship Match
The Honky Tonk Man w/Jimmy Hart vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Most of the match was spent outside of the ring with Honky running away from Duggan. Duggan took control mainly using the same moves over and over again. Hacksaw wins via disqualification when Jimmy Hart grabs hold of Hacksaw’s leg as he got ready to nail the tackle. After the match Duggan got revenge to make the fans happy but other than that the match was your basic Honky Tonk title run match. The Challenger came close to beating him but Jimmy Hart stops them, or he cheats to retain the championship. This match gets one star out of five.
Jake Roberts vs. Rick Rude
Rick Rude music is awesome, just sayin’.  Jake interrupts Rude’s stripping entrance. The fans love Jake and really hate Rude which you guess would make this match more interesting, but it doesn’t. The match starts off good but slowly begins to get worse as the rest holds begin to be used. Rude tries to escape but Jake grabs his tights and pulls them down and we see way to much ass. Both men eventually spilt to the outside and both men get counted out. Jake goes for his snake and throws it onto Rude, and Rude does a good selling job before escaping and leaving the ring. This match clearly wasn’t made to finish the feud and so I am giving this one star out of five.
WWF Tag Team Championship Match
Demolition w/Mr. Fuji vs. The British Bulldogs
On paper this match could be a good match and was for the most part but the problem is when you have a title match when everyone knows there won’t be a title change. The rest of the match was a simple tag match with Dynamite Kid being beaten down for the majority until Davey made the hot tag followed by an awesome double team move with Davey lighting Dynamite up in the air and dropping him onto Ax with Dynamite nailing the headbutt. Apart from that one move the rest of the match was pretty boring to say the least. I give this match one and a half stars out of five.
The Redonkulous
Two Matches cut?
This is the cut down version that doesn’t feature two matches which probably would of delivered on many levels. With Macho Man taking on DiBiase and Terry Taylor going against Mr.Perfect. All four are known to be excellent workers so not including them is confusing and annoying.
Billy Graham, Sean Mooney and Lord Alfred Hayes as commentators WTF?
You know it is going to be a shocking show when you have them three calling the play.
Cage Match
Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant w/Bobby Heenan
So WWE home video decide to cut two perfectly good matches but keep this match on. Seriously why was Andre in the ring at this time. He should have been used more as he was when he was younger in battle royals and stuff, not wrestling one-on-one in cage matches. It is your basic Hulk Hogan match with him getting beat down pretty much the whole match before he makes the huge comback and hulks up. Heenan got into the ring and is knocked down before Hulk ties Andre in the ropes and climbs over the top of the cage picking up the victory. This was a poor match and nothing on they Wrestlemania III encounter. I give this match half a star out of five.
The Maths
This show had ten matches with a opportunity to score a maximum of fifty stars. Wrestlefest ’88 scored  eleven stars. Thus giving it a percentage of 22%. By university standard this show would of failed to make the grade by twenty percent and I can’t help but to agree. Apart from the Bret Hart and Bad News match the rest of the show was pretty poor, add on top of that the bad announcing partnership and the cutting of two matches makes this DVD pointless. Hopefully Disc Two will redeem this tagged classic series.
WrestleFest ’88 & ’90 Tagged Classic Series Disc Two

The Good: 
The Hart Foundation Trilogy
We get a in-depth profile of the Hart Foundation which means we get three different match ups with three very different tag teams. First you have the Legion of Doom…I mean Powers of Pain [I promise I won’t use that joke again.] We get an awkward moment with Bret handing his glasses out to a crowd full of old women. This is a good hard hitting match-up between both teams. This was round about the time that Mr. Fuji was planning to sell the Powers of Pain and gain the tag team of Orient Express. The aftermath of this match was Bret Hart nailing both of the Powers of Pain with Mr. Fuji’s cane. The ending sees Mr Fuji accidentally hit Warlord with his cane and Neidhart rolls into the ring before the count of ten. This match gets a solid two out of five for me. It served its purpose as The Hart Foundation were on their way to the tag team titles.  I was actually surprised how much offence The Hart Foundation got considering they were playing the face role.
The second match is The Hart Foundation taking on Dino Bravo and Honkytonk Man with Jimmy Hart, who is the ex manager of The Hart Foundation. We had a completely different type of team with the Honkytonk Man and Dino Bravo being a more technically able tag team. This match is actually a bit boring but the ending more than makes up for it with Anvil nailing Jimmy Hart with his megaphone causing a DQ loss for the Hart Foundation. You can clearly see that Bret Hart is the star on the rise as Anvil is beginning to play the face in peril role for the team more than the smaller Bret. I give this match a one and half out of five and that is because of the finish of the match.
The last match of the profile is the one I have been looking forward to as The Hart Foundation take on The Rockers. This is completely what you expect from both teams with The Rockers using their speed to they advantage, while The Hart Foundation use their experience to stay ahead of them both. We get some classic tag team moves from both teams. The finish of the match-up sees the Rougeau Brothers come out from the back and they attack the The Rockers causing the DQ victory for them. The Hart Foundation end up helping The Rockers and then both teams chase off the Rougeau Brothers. I give this match-up three out of five because it was actually an awesome match-up and probably better than the tag team matches from this day and age. I will admit that the other matches between the teams were better but this one is probably the best match out of all three shown. The only problem I have is why have this profile of the Hart Foundation only for the team to only win one match-up! Surely it would of made more sense for them to show three Hart Foundation wins.
WWF Heavyweight Championship Match
Hulk Hogan vs. Mr. Perfect w/The Genius
I don’t care how much I hate the things he has done to TNA…I still love Hulk Hogan’s theme. It reminds me of being a kid…good times. We actually get a shot of Vince in the gorilla position as Hulk Hogan comes out. This is a good match for Hogan considering how generic his matches were back in the 80s/90s. The only problem I have with the match-up itself was there was no selling of the Perfectplex and the randomness of The Genius being allowed to stay in the ring. I mean surely that should be a DQ? But considering Hogan spent the 90s whipping people with a weight belt and never getting DQ’d for it I shouldn’t be surprised. Perfect spends the whole match putting over Hogan’s offence. It is truly a shame that he never got his chance at winning the big one. The finish sees Hulk Hogan using brass knuckles in plain view of the referee causing a DQ win for Mr. Perfect. The aftermath sees Hulk chasing off Mr. Perfect and The Genius. I give this match up a two out of five…perfectly acceptable wrestling…can you see what I did there? ;).
The Bad:
Sean Mooney Hosts again…WTF
If his Wrestlefest ’88 outing is anything to go this won’t be pretty. If you don’t know who Sean Mooney is think Todd Grisham without glasses and an ounce of charisma.
The Ugly:
‘Macho King’ Randy Savage w/Queen Sherri vs. Roddy Piper
This had the looks to be a good match-up. Take two quality wrestlers and put them in the ring and for the most part we got that. So I bet you’re wondering why I have put this in the ugly section? Its simple really – the finish was horrible. Savage does an airplane spin and because he is dizzy he falls off the top rope to the floor. Piper follows and Sherri hits him from behind causing a DQ. The aftermath sees both men brawling and Piper locking the sleeper on Sherri. I give this match a one out of five, though it would have been two had the cartoonish finish not ruined the match-up for me.
Intercontinental Championship Match
Ultimate Warrior  vs. Dino Bravo w/The Canadian Earthquake & Jimmy Hart
We get two quick interviews one with Dino Bravo and Jimmy Hart and the other with Ultimate Warrior and his really bad mullet. Seriously the only way this could be more 80s is if Chevy Chase was his manager. I actually don’t understand a word he is saying. Also Earthquake is wearing shit coloured attire which makes him look horrible. This is your predictable Warrior match. He comes running down and basically destroys Dino from the beginning, only for Earthquake and Jimmy Hart distracting enough for Dino to take control for like a second. Jimmy Hart pantless is something that should never really be seen.  Earthquake eventually gets bored I guess and comes into the ring and causes a DQ. So the first two matches you show end with a DQ. Hulk Hogan comes out and makes the save. This makes sense considering that this match was on the road to Wrestlemania where Hogan and Warrior were set to take on one another. This was actually an OK match. It made sense for Warrior to win via DQ and for Hogan to make the save. The only problem I had was seeing Jimmy Hart with no pants. I am giving this match up one and a half out of five.
Ted DiBiase & Akeem w/Slick & Virgil vs. Jake Roberts & The Ultimate Warrior
I wouldn’t expect a five out of five from me in this match considering two people here are known for having short and uneventful matches. Big Boss man is special referee which is pretty school…he is looking really young. We also get The Fink….double awesome. Big Boss man’s theme is pretty sweet. Ultimate Warrior is so over it is scary. Jake The Snake spends the match up getting beat down by Ted DiBiase and Akeem before finally making a hot tag to the Warrior. The Warrior eventually gets into the ring and he destroys both men before splashing Ted DiBiase for the three count. This was an OK match and it was basically made to build up The Ultimate Warrior, hence the quick match-up. I give this match a one and a half out of five because apart from the end the rest of the match was pretty boring.
The Redonkulous
Manager Profile: Mr Fuji
This is just horrible…just fast forward and save yourself the five minutes of your life that you won’t get back.
Brutus Beefcake vs. “The Model” Rick Martel
We get another two quick interviews. You’ve got to love Rick Martel just for the fact he looks like an Italian pornstar. He was doing GTL before The Situation was in pre-school. They start with a pose off and yeah I am not impressed. This is a slow match-up, seriously if you look up slow in the dictionary you will see a picture of Rick Martel locking a sleeper on Beefcake. Also I really hate the way Gorilla Monsoon says Brutus. This match is about five minutes too long in my opinion. The finish is Martel getting Brutus in a pinning predicament and hooking the rope for the three. After the pinfall Brutus locks on a sleeper but Bobby Heenan makes the save for the hair of Martel. This match gets a half a star out of five because this match was just horrible and both men had no chemistry.
The Maths
This show had ten matches with a opportunity to score a maximum of forty stars. Wrestlefest ’90 scored thirteen stars. Thus giving it a percentage of 32%. By university standard this show would fail to make the grade and I can’t help but to agree. Disc One got 22% percent, so the average for the tagged classic series is 27%. I may of come off a little harsh with some of my ratings for the ’88 and ’90. The problem with Wrestlefest ’90 is that most of the matches finish with a dusty ending with only one match-up actually being a clean victory. Wrestlefest ’90 is more like a best-of video than an actually show unlike Wrestlefest ’88. Would I recommend this DVD package for the casual fan? No I wouldn’t. But I would recommend it for fans of the era and collectors. This has a few good matches but nothing to set the world alight in my opinion.


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