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WWE Live In The UK November 2010 DVD Review

March 30, 2011   ·   0 Comments

WWE Live in the UK: November 2010 Disc 1 & 2LIVEINUKNOV10


The Good

Raw Recap/Opening

We begin Raw with John Cena reading out an introduction for Wade Barrett. Barrett and The Nexus come out and begin to talk about what happened last week during a tag team match. We get an overview of what is going to go down at Survivor Series with Cena. Randy Orton comes out and says that he will remain WWE champion after Survivor Series. Then the Raw GM interrupts and announces the main event of the evening will be a ten man tag team match with Team Orton vs. Team Barrett aka Nexus with John Cena as the special guest referee. This was a great way to open the show, giving a recap of how Raw ended the week previously, and it helped set up the rest of the show. Barrett was on top form during this promo and really showed that he is one for the future. It is a shame that WWE decided against putting the belt on him. Cena did his bit going from serious to joking around. Looking back I feel that WWE might have been trying to make Otunga the leader of The New Nexus but lack of development on his part put a stop to that.

Barrett continues being awesome/Set up Cena vs. Otunga

Barrett continues to show why he is so good during this backstage segment. Otunga does well too. He seriously looked like he was going to quit and form his own group which would have made sense at the time. Barrett played the role of a not-too-trusting leader well and we get to see Otunga job-out to Cena, it is a win/win all around.

Miz on Team Orton

Another good backstage segment setting up the main event of the evening with Orton demanding that the Raw GM give him the best men possible. Miz walks in and announces that he is the first man on Team Orton. This was done really well I thought.

Tea Time With Santino

Probably one of the best segments of 2010. No words can describe how good this segment really is. Even Sheamus looks like he is close to cracking up and laughing. Then add in the deadpan of Kozlov and the fans begin to chant Kozlov! This all leads to Santino spilling tea on Sheamus and just as Sheamus goes to attack him the Raw GM steps in and makes a match between the two. Seriously if you haven’t seen this segment then go out and buy this DVD, it is simply amazing.

Santino Marella vs. Sheamus

To call this a match up would be wrong because it lasted merely seconds. Pre and post match action made for good watching, and Morrison coming down making the save advanced the feud as well so I am giving this match two out of five because it made me laugh and smile.

Barrett/Cena Segment

Another good segment between both men with Barrett mentioning Wrestlemania and basically telling Cena to do as he is told and he can continue working for the WWE.

Ten Man Tag Team Match

Special Referee: John Cena

Randy Orton, The Miz, R-Truth, Mary Henry & Daniel Bryan w/Alex Riley vs. The Nexus (Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, David Otunga, Husky Harris & Michael McGillicutty)

Remember when R-Truth meant something? Nah me neither. This is a really good main event for Raw. It was nice to see Daniel Bryan being put in the main event instead of it being John Morrison like many people would expect to see. Also it is nice to see the return to the German suplex. Orton and Barrett eventually get into the ring and the whole match breaks down and everyone leaves the ring to fight on the outside. The finish comes when David Otunga tries to interfere only for Cena to stop him. Meanwhile on the other side of the ring The Miz comes in and nails Orton with the Skull Crushing Finale thus giving the victory to Barrett. We close with Barrett on top of the shoulder of The Nexus as Orton looks on from the ring. This was a great main event so I am giving it three stars out of five.

The Bad

Divas Cup

Eve & The Bella’s vs. Maryse, Alicia Fox & Tamina

I have a question – how do you know when you are watching a bad match? When the match is only five minutes long and there is a rest hold right in the middle. Anyway this was just your average diva match. All six have nothing to do so why not throw them into six woman tag team match up and have them wear football kits. Eve & Bella’s win using twin magic. Maryse actually did something right for once when she DDTd Eve nearly leading her team to victory behind the referees back. This match gets a one out of five stars for me and that is because Eve didn’t dance and they were wearing Manchester United shirts <3.

The Ugly

The Hart Dynasty vs. The Usos

Bless the Usos! The Hart Dynasty came out first to a good reaction, then the Usos came out and you could probably hear someone fart from the cheap seats. AMAZING! It was just your average match up. The Hart Dynasty are soon to be broken up so this match was to continue the break-up angle. We had Tyson Kidd use some awesome manoeuvres such as a vaulting dragorana. The ending sees one of the Usos take control splashing David Hart Smith while Tyson Kidd was laid out on the outside. Natalya shouts at David Hart in the ring as we fade away. I give this match a one and a half out of five.

Otunga Segments

We get another Nexus and Otunga segment, this time to do with Otunga explaining himself to the Nexus to get them onside. Otunga is basically begging for help from the Nexus. The reason it is in the meh section is because after the first backstage segment with the Nexus this one seemed like a letdown. Then after the match between Otunga and Cena we get another segment with Barrett telling Otunga that he has to beat Edge on Smackdown to remain in the Nexus. This was better than without Barrett but still not as good as the first one.

Goldust vs. Ted DiBiase w/Maryse

If you have seen Bragging Rights then you have basically seen this match up. It is basically the greatest hits of the Bragging Rights match with Goldust winning instead. Again Maryse does nothing to get Ted over as a heel. Seriously I know I rag on her a lot but she deserves it when it comes to her managing work. She had one highlight and that was doing that awful taunt in Michael Cole’s face. Then add Aksana coming out and grabbing the million dollar title and you have a meh match up. If it wasn’t for that Aksana and Maryse I may have put this in the good section. This gets one and half out of five.

The Redonkulous

John Cena vs. David Otunga

This was basically a glorified squash match up. It would have been more interesting if Nexus actually helped David beat Cena or even have Barrett come out and demand that Cena lays down for Otunga to get the victory. Instead we got Otunga getting a little bit of offence before being destroyed by the five moves of doom. Also Otunga needs to invest in better attire. This match gets a half a star out of five.


The Good

Michael Cole & Josh Matthews

Without rules or Vince McMahon shouting at them, both men are very entertaining and provide some very funny highlights of the show.

Aksana vs. Naomi

This was the better womens match on the show. It was hard hitting and fast paced and was the right choice for the main event. The let down was the post match and some of the moves were botched but both women can feel proud of this match. I give it one star out of five.

The Bad

Arm Wrestling Challenge

Primo actually made me laugh; he was caught looking at Alica Fox’s boobs. Apart from that the rest of this segment is terrible. Even Michael Cole fell asleep. Kaitlyn wins easily when Aksana got herself disqualified. I am glad that is over.

A.J. Lee vs. Nikki Bella

This match was four minutes too long in my opinion. Firstly there were too many rest holds going on. Then it had a messed up ending – even Josh pointed out that it was a messed up ending to match up. This was just terrible, I know AJ is supposed to be a rookie but Nikki isn’t! Add Primo getting involved on top of that and you get a half a star out of five match up.

The Ugly

Naomi…..OH NO HE DIDN’T!

The Redonkulous

NXT Introduction

We start NXT with Goldust coming down to the ring wanting an answer from Aksana about why she slapped him after they got married. Then he demands Aksana to come out and explain herself, then out she comes.  Aksana comes out and basically says she is using Goldust for a greencard and half a million dollars. Aksana starts a USA chant which gets boos, followed by Goldust telling her to shut up. Then he calls her a witch OMFG….HE CALLED HER A WITCH I’m calling the FCC and Ofcom. This leads to Naomi coming out and she wants Aksana in the ring as the fans chant ‘Who are you?’ OUTSTANDING.! All of this leads to Aksana vs. Naomi in a match later. Goldust did amazingly considering what he has to do but Naomi is terrible on the mic, and Aksana is just funny.

High School Photo Challenge

Divas guess who’s high school photo it is. AJ wins, yup that’s all I have got.


We get another cat fight and yup I feel like I died a little inside.


The Good

Drew McIntyre vs. Kaval

This was an awesome match up and a great main event to Superstars, going into the match up Drew was one and zero against Kaval. Kaval was looking for revenge going into the match and both men had an awesome back and forth match up with both men busting out good moves. It truly is a shame that Kaval decided he would rather be a big fish in a small pond and go back to the indys and Japan. I wish he stuck it out and see how things would of turned out in the WWE for himself. Imagine the possibilities now with Sin Cara coming into the company. I for one would love to see Sin Cara going against Kaval on a PPV. Drew also looked good in this match up and I hope that the WWE havent dropped the ball with him. Overall I give this match two and a half for this match and it makes me happy.

Kane Promo

A nice hype video for Kane which was pretty awesome and makes him out to be a huge monster. This is a good build up from the WWE.

The Bad

Ezekiel Jackson vs. Primo w/ AJ

Gloried squash match between the two men, Jackson and Primo had no chemistry. Primo did well selling everything and made Jackson look strong. The only problem I have with this match-up is why not bring in an indy wrestler or developmental wrestler to get destroyed by Jackson and save Primo a beat down. Jackson has got better in the ring since this match and Primo has been tagging with Ryder so both men have went onto bigger and better things, but I give this match a half a star out of five.

The Ugly

Zack Ryder vs. Yoshi Tatsu

Superstars opened with this match up and it wasnt exactly a good match. Both men have sparks of brilliance but both struggles to put together a decent match up. Zack has potential to be huge and pretty much running with his own gimmick since WWE creative dont seem to care about him. Yoshi has a decent look but he is clearly only in the company for the Japanese fans. He is filling in the role that Funaki and Tajiri used to fill. Apart from a few moves both men seem to be going through the paces in this match up. I give this match a one out of five just because both men are basically going out with no direction or storyline because WWE doesnt care about Superstars.

The Redonkulous

NXT Recap

See Abovenuff said.


The Good

Davud Otunga vs. Edge

We kick off Smackdown with a video package of what is going down tonight as David Otunga takes on Edge, and if Otunga loses he will be kicked out of the Nexus. This was a nice little video package. Edge opens up by coming down to the ring and cutting a little promo. He predicted the future saying he will walk into Wrestlemania as champion which is a nice touch. Edge then moves onto his Survivor Series match up before moving onto tonights match against Otunga. He basically says he is going to beat Otunga. Just after he finishes the Nexus come out and look ready to attack Edge before being interrupted by Vickie Guerrero who says she is in charge tonight. She changes the match into a lumberjack match, making Edge and Otunga shake hands showing sportsmanship. Edge attacks Otunga and we end the segment with Edge celebrating his sneak attack on the ramp. This was a good segment to open up the show and sets up the match pretty well.

We go to the back after the Del Rio/Kofi match and we see the Nexus talking about being outnumbered. Otunga then comes in and fires up the Nexus ready for the main event. The match itself was decent with the Smackdown roster making the Nexus stand on the apron as Edge continues to throw out Otunga for the Smackdown roster to beat him down. We get a bit of action between Edge and Del Rio with him swiping Edges feet off the apron. After that Del Rio and MVP start arguing for the entire match, but the commentators don’t even mention it which is a shame. Edge ends up dropkicking Del Rio into MVP and we get a mass fight as Edge sets up for the spear. The Nexus distract the referee as Kane comes from the back and chokeslams Edge helping Otunga win the match. The aftermath sees the Nexus run away as Kane and Edge have a stare down. I give this match two out of five because of the build was pretty good for a random match and it served its purpose when it comes to setting up Survivor Series between Edge and Kane, also planting the seeds for Del Rio vs. Edge at Mania.

Alberto Del Rio vs.Kofi Kingston

I want my own personal ring announcer! Also I love the car that Alberto came out in. Kofi comes out and it is a shame he is basically the new Shelton Benjamin [He can have a good match with anyone but will never be main event.] Todd Grisham says that Man. Utd. Footballer Hernandez and Del Rio are friends, I like the referencing. I have noticed that WWE are now willing to let people jump from inside the ring to the outside, onto people, something that was a rare thing for a couple of years. I LOVE Del Rio’s jump up kick! Del Rio wins thanks to the cross arm breaker after slamming Kofi’s shoulder into the ring post. Aftermath sees Rey Mysterio come out and he ends up nailing Del Rio with the 619. Pretty good, long match which is a rare thing on television. It made sense for Del Rio to go over as he was on his way to main event Wrestlemania. I give this match two out of five because it was a decent match up.

Cody Rhodes the tooth fairy

Cody Rhodes with his awesome theme song comes out and basically talks about the English having bad teeth and breath. Cody then hands out some mouthwash and a toothbrush before introducing his video about flossing. This was fun and you have to give Cody credit for making this gimmick work for him.

The Bad

Natalya vs. Layla

So this is a rematch sort of their match at Bragging Rights. McCool is not there and Michael Cole says that she didn’t want to mess up her suntan. It turns out to basically be the same match up with the same spots including the squatting stalling suplex. The crowd are silent and not really into the match. Natalya wins with the Sharpshooter. This match was basically to set up the handicapped Survivor Series Match up. I give this match a half a star out of five because it was basically the Bragging Rights match just shorter and without Michelle McCool.

The Ugly

Intercontinental Championship Match

Dolph Ziggler vs. MVP

Dolph comes out first which annoys me because I feel the champion should always come out second in championship matches. This match is not bad but it is not great. You can sort of see that MVP is just going through the motions and he doesn’t really want to be in the company anymore. Dolph wins after nailing MVP with the zigzag after he removes MVPs foot from the bottom rope. I give this match a one out of five but it was another one of them matches were you knew the champion wasn’t going to drop the belt especially since MVP was beginning to tweet about being unhappy in the WWE.

Big Show vs. Kane

Kane kicks off his night by cutting a promo basically saying that he is the champion and if Undertaker couldn’t beat him at Bragging Rights what chance does Edge have at beating him. Then after the Edge vs. Otunga match we see Kane trying to find Paul Bearer, and we see his urn laid on the floor opened. Then again after the Cody Rhodes segment we see Kane walking around looking for Bearer. It is then time for the main event of the evening which turns out to be a hard hitting match which you sort of expect from them both. Before we go for the first ad break we see Paul Bearer tied up to a wheelchair watching the match up. Kane gets ready for the chokeslam before Edge comes on the stage with Paul Bearer next to him. Edge begins to taunt about throwing him off the stage. Kane turns around into a chokeslam from Big Show and Big Show pins him. The show then closes with Edge moving Bearer away as Kane stands in the ring pissed off. This match gets one out of five because it served its purpose and it wasn’t so bad.

The Redonkulous



We get one extra feature which is Kane vs. The Undertaker from Mayhem in Manchester from about thirteen years ago. This is strange because Undertaker is dressed in normal attire and the match just ends without a finish.

The Maths

So this DVD set had 16 matches which means there is a maximum of 80 stars to play for. WWE live in the UK earned 21 and a half stars, giving it 27%. Now this would be a fail at University level but I don’t agree as the segments more than make up for the matches themselves, though I do feel it is a bit pointless for the WWE to produce a DVD of four television shows and expect people to spend their hard earned money on it. This would be a must buy if they included some matches from their live shows in November. So if you went to the events in Manchester you should buy it. If not just buy it for tea time with Santino alone.



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