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Against All Odds Prediction Contest!

February 11, 2012   ·   0 Comments

Welcome to the Against All Odds Mat Pack prediction contest! First I would like to announce two new Pack members in Ziggy and Lee. Both of them know wrestling like a fat kid knows cake….so a lot I imagine. Now lets have a look at the standings so far.


Gavin:  13 out of 18 – 73% Success Rate

Adam: 12 out of 18 – 68% Success Rate

Tom: 11 out of 18 – 61% Success Rate

Marty: 5 out of 10 – 50% Success Rate

Now we roll onto TNA’s Against All Odds!


Tag team match for the TNA World Tag Team Championship

Crimson and Matt Morgan (c) vs. Samoa Joe and Magnus

Addy Mac: Last month I went for the champions to retain, so I am doing the old rinse and repeat trick. Morgan and Crimson win setting up the third encounter in a stipulation match!

Winners and still TNA Tag Team Champions: Crimson and Matt Morgan



Gav: For me Morgan and Crimson are wasting their time in tag team so for that reason alone I am saying that they will lose.

Winners and New TNA Tag Team champions: Samoa Joe & Magnus



Tom: The last remnants of what was once one of the high points of TNA – the tag team division. Both sides work, but they’re not really a patch on the old division and it’s a shame TNA haven’t worked harder to replace the likes of Beer Money following their split and the Guns’ lack of activity following injuries. Anyway, rant over, I see this one being another win for Morgan and Crimson, but it could well be a sleeper match of the night if Crimson’s part in this is kept to a minimum.

Winners and still TNA Tag Team Champions: Crimson and Matt Morgan


Lee: I’ve quite enjoyed the matches these 4 have had between each other and this one should be no different. I can see this fued possibly going another month leading to morgan v crimson again at lockdown but that’s getting ahead of ourselves. I think we end up with crimson accidently clocking morgan and joe or magnus getting the pin and the titles!!

Winners and New TNA Tag Team champions: Samoa Joe & Magnus


Ziggy: Do you guys remember when Samoa Joe was the scariest wrestler in the world? That was so awesome. If Matt Morgan and Crimson were facing 05 Joe they would go to the ring and just straight tap out so that they didn’t have to face him. However since I think Matt Morgan is still being pushed as intimidating, even though he used to openly stutter on TV when he was in WWE I can never take him seriously, I believe they will win and these two teams will probably settle it on Impact!

Winners and still TNA Tag Team Champions: Crimson and Matt Morgan

Overall Prediction: Crimson and Matt Morgan (3-2)

Gunner w/ Eric Bischoff vs Garett Bischoff w/ Hulk Hogan

Addy Mac: I do not care for this match….so….let’s do the math! Gunner has the experience but Garett has HOGAN! so that can mean only one thing!

Winner: Garett Bischoff



Gav: How many times are we going to have this match really? I have more interest in the Knockouts match, but yeah I’d say Garett just because of who’s in his corner.

Winner: Garett Bischoff



Tom: Isn’t it supposed to be ‘Garrett’? Well, except for birth certificate spelling mistakes, this match is… really… really… uninteresting. Yay, Hogan is his mentor! Who DIDN’T see that coming? Here’s a tip TNA; if you’re doing surprises… MAKE THEM SURPRISING. I’m picking GarRett to win because that’s a complete and utter twist that I didn’t see coming… also, I refuse to spell his name with one ‘r’.

Winner: GarRett Bischoff


Lee: Ugh im not looking forward to this one at all. Gunner is good and could be great but all the hard work they’ve put into him – taking people ou,t building up his bad ass image will all be undone if biscoff gets the win which of course he will because the immortal one is in his corner BROTHER!!!! The only plus side of this match is the possibility of some classic Ric flair craziness which is always entertaining.

Winner: Garett Bischoff


Ziggy: You know there was a time when everyone in the entire flippin world loved Hulk Hogan? I know right, those must have been the stupidest people in the world with how openly hated this man is. There is so much hate for the over tanned, over rated, over saturated Hulkster that it is completely unimaginable that this man was once the biggest thing in all forms of entertainment. I know that is a stupid anecdote to just shove in there when all you want is a pick but I just thought I’d say it, I mean it is crazy. Now when it comes to storylines involving Hulkster you can bet that in his mind his victory is for the best interests of the company and if there is going to be any sort of continuation on this feud then I really think Garret should lose. But I’ll choose Garret just because.

Winner: Garett Bischoff

Overall Prediction: Garett Bischoff (5-0)

Kazarian w/ Daniels vs AJ Styles


Addy Mac:Does anyone actually care for this feud? It is like the Daniels and Styles feud last year just without the TV time it seems. I think booking wise you need Kaz to go over to continue this feud so that is what is going to happen!

Winner: Kazarian


Gav: I think this one should be pretty clear cut it will start off a fairly slow match then they will get into it but I think towards the end they will back down and Daniels will interfere.

Winner: Kazarian



Tom: If Styles loses this then it’s a tragedy, end of.

Winner: AJ Styles



Lee: Of all the matches on the card im most looking forward to this one it definitely has match of the night written all over it. It all depends on how much Daniels is going to come into play with whatever it is he has over Kaz, but kaz needs to pick up the win here so that AJ has a reason for a rematch. This fued will continue!!!!!

Winner: Kazarian


Ziggy: AJ Styles is pretty cool and that will probably mean I will always choose him over anyone else. But considering the turn Kaz took on Impact this might be his build up for a push. So even though it goes against my completely biased base instinct to go for guys that I enjoy I will pick Kazarian.

Winner: Kazarian

Overall Prediction: Kazarian (4-1)

Singles match to determine number one contender for the TNA X Division Championship

 Zema Ion vs. Jesse Sorensen

Addy Mac: Jesse Sorensen has been getting built as the next big hope of the X-Divison. He has never really had a fair one on one match with Austin Aries without Kash being involved! I am going for him to beat Zema Ion tonight and then follow it up by being the man to take the title away from Austin Aries! Not at Victory Road but at Lockdown! BOLD PREDICTION!

Winner: Jesse Sorensen

Gav: I think this would be a good match but Sorensen already had his go so I think I’ll go with Zema.

Winner: Zema Ion



Tom: Who? Oh, right… those two guys who sometimes appear are now fighting to become number one contender. Jesse Sorensen then.

Winner:  Jesse Sorensen



Lee:Out of the little I’ve seen of these two I like Zema Ion more, that doesn’t necessarily mean he will get the win, neither feel big enough stars yet although kudos to TNA for trying different people out. Either way I don’t see the title match the winner will get being on the next ppv so possibly they will get the match on impact!

Winner: Zema Ion


Ziggy: I should preface these picks by explaining that I haven’t watched TNA since around 2005-2007. I’ve often times looked in and been very disappointed. So if I come off as the most ignorant wrestling fan of all time I completely understand, also don’t be so judgemental it looks bad on you. So straight away we have two people that I know very little about. From what I can gather Zema Ion is sort of like if Rico was a little more subtle and Jesse Sorenson is looks like the love child of Randy Orton and Tyson Kidd. I don’t have the faintest clue who deserves it more or who would be a better fit as X-Division Champ but I think I’m going to go with Jesse Sorenson.

Winner: Jesse Sorenson

Overall Prediction: Jesse Sorenson (3-2)

Singles match for the TNA Women’s Knockout Championship

Gail Kim (c) vs. Tara

Addy Mac: Both women know each other pretty well from being in the WWE together. The match up should be a decent watch but I can’t see past a Gail Kim win here. Tara, while good doesn’t need the gold to be a threat. Gail will win by doing something shady leading to a multiperson match next month with Mickie James.

Winner and still TNA Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim


Gav: It might not be nice to say but I’m not too fussed about this match at all but my head says Kim has had it long enough so Tara will win (more than likely Tara will get screwed by someone though)

Winner and new TNA Knockouts Champion: Tara



Tom: That’ll do pig, that’ll do.



Winner and still TNA Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim

Lee: Another month another knockouts match I don’t really care about lets go with Tara winning just because the widows peak is an awesome finisher.

Winner and new TNA Knockouts Champion: Tara


Ziggy: Oh Gail Kim you gorgeous wrestling goddess you.

Winner and still TNA Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim

Overall Prediction: Gail Kim (3-2)

Singles match for the TNA X Division Championship

Austin Aries (c) vs. Alex Shellley

Addy Mac:Now this should be good! This has MOTN written all over it both men know each other very well from teaming together in both ROH and TNA[Austin Starr from TV Land FTMFW.] The chemistry should be their already for these two to blow the roof off the building. I expect Austin Aries to go over yet again because why take the belt off him? And the post match will see the return of Chris Sabin who has been on the sidelines for some time now.

Winner and still TNA X-Divison Champion: Austin Aries


Gav: I think I’d like to see Shelley win this I do like A double but he has had it for ages he has done a quality job I have to admit but I think Shelley will steal it, but I have a feeling I’d be wrong so I’m going to stick with AA

Winner and still TNA X-Divison Champion: Austin Aries



Tom: Last time out I wrongly predicted Aries to lose to Kash for some inexplicable reason… well, it’s TNA actually so I’ll apologise for nothing. These are two of my favourite wrestlers in TNA and I’m glad we’re getting a one on one match with them. I predict it to be the match of the night and hopefully it’ll be given some time, I know the X-Division is capable of a lot inside a short match but this is one of the times that we need to see more. I’m going to back Aries this time, but mostly because Shelley has been criminally underused in recent months.

Winner and still TNA X-Divison Champion: Austin Aries


Lee: Aries has been spectacular as the centrepiece of the X-divison since winning it months back I see no reason to end that now. The person who ends his reign needs more than just a one month build behind the match, as good as Shelley is this won’t be his night but maybe we will see the return of fellow MCMG member Chris Sabian after a post-match beat down.

Winner and still TNA X-Divison Champion: Austin Aries


Ziggy: You know TNA does get a lot of flak for its writing and not pushing the correct stars. But this match looks brilliant on paper. I’ve always liked Austin Aries and Alex Shelley so its great to see them both getting to showcase their talents. I have a feeling we’ll see a dusty finish after a run in to help Austin Aries win it.

Winner and still TNA X-Divison Champion: Austin Aries

Overall Prediction:  Austin Aries (5-0)

Four Way Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Bobby Roode (c) vs. Bully Ray vs. James Storm vs. Jeff Hardy

Addy Mac: Now we come the main event of the evening, each challenger could win the title but they wont as Roode needs to continue as champion and just the steal the victory over someone! Ray has improved so much in the past year that he now a believable champion in the eyes of the TNA faithful even though he supports scummy Liverpool haha. Storm and Hardy will both get the belt sometime in the next year but Roode needs to continue to lead the company in the selfish era!

Winner and still TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Bobby Roode


Gav: This is an intriguing match I think because everyone could easily win it (I’d say except Jeff) I think it would be awesome if Bully won it just for entertainment value but really it is probably going to be James Storm which I think is still good.

Winner and new TNA World Heavyweight Champion: James Storm


Tom: I want Roode to retain this and if it doesn’t happen, I’ll- I’ll!… write an angry letter and not send it. I’m glad to see Roode and Storm in the main event of a PPV, but they don’t come across as being quite at that level just yet and it really doesn’t help when Storm can’t even beat the part-time wrestler/full-time drunkard that is Kurt Angle in a match on PPV. These guys are your future, so treat them like that. I have one of those horrible, niggling feelings that something bad will happen here… something involving a criminal getting his hands on some gold… I’ll ignore it though.

Winner and still TNA World Heavyweight Champion: ROBERT Roode


Lee: Now this one right here is hard to predict the easy money goes with Roode sneaking a win on ray after ray gets taken down by hardy or storm leading logically to storm v Roode at lockdown. But somehow I see sting getting involved and hardy winning because we all know how much TNA love themselves some hardy as champ. Me personally I want roode to keep hold of the title hopefully getting a clean win (yeah right) and head on to storm one on one

Winner and still TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Bobby Roode


Ziggy: There isn’t really much to say about this match that you couldn’t infer yourself. I would really love Bubba Ray to take it because I think his charisma is pretty underrated but if TNA is too push itself onwards to better heights they need the Title either stay on Bobby Roode or give it to James Storm, guys that have been with TNA for years. I’d really like to see an extensive feud between the two.

Winner and still TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Bobby Roode

Overall Prediction: Bobby Roode (4-1)


Watch or Not?

Addy MacI don’t know, if I read that the show was amazing like last years Destination X then I may just watch it on Wednesday. If not I will probably just watch Shelley vs Aries, Styles vs Kazarian and the Main Event.



Gav: I don’t watch it on Challenge mainly because I don’t really watch TV but also the adverts put me off and they have been known to miss out parts of the PPV.




Tom: For the most part… no, but I would love to watch Aries vs Shelley, the tag team match could be an enjoyable contest and MAYBE the main event because it’ll obviously be full of shenanigans and nonsense – nothing quite as good at leaving a sour taste in your mouth as a TNA main eventgone wrong.



Lee: Il read the results and cherry pick probably but if iv got nothing else on I might just watch it all anyway




Ziggy: Now would I watch this PPV? Well not really. I would really like to see Austin Aries vs Alex Shelly and the Fatal Four Way for the TNA Championship but other than that there isn’t a lot to get invested in. If you’re a big fan of TNA then this is right up your alley but for me there isn’t enough to keep me interested.


That’s all folks! Don’t forget to check back daily for News and Gossip and to check out Tossing The Salt by Doug Maynard!





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