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TNA Knockout Is Most Popular On Google, Match Announced For Impact, Update On RVD Possibly Returning To WWE – “Would Receive A Warm Welcome”, Orlando Jordan, More

January 5, 2012   ·   0 Comments

– Gunner stated on Twitter that he faces Rob Van Dam on this Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling.

— Matt Morgan and Gail Kim appear at Direct Auto Insurance 700 North Military Highway Norfolk, Virginia on Feb. 10 from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Call 757-455-9072 for more information.

— Mickie James was the most searched for female wrestling talent on Google.com in 2011, according to statistical data compiled by the Wrestling Observer. She is trailed by fellow TNA Knockout Velvet Sky, Michelle McCool, Vickie Guerrero, Beth Phoenix, Eve Torres and Gail Kim.

Regarding the online rumor of Rob Van Dam returning to WWE, Power Slam confirms in their latest issue that RVD is seriously considering returning to the organization once his contract with TNA Wrestling expires. The magazine adds that the feeling is mutual as people in WWE want the master of the Five-Star Frog Splash back.

“RVD from what we’re told would receive a warm welcome in WWE,” the magazine says.

Providing that no contract extension has been reached since his arrival to TNA Wrestling in March 2010, it would appear that Van Dam will be a free agent in the near future. It was reported in 2010 that RVD had signed a two-year contract with TNA.

During his hiatus from full-time wrestling, Van Dam said he would consider returning to WWE if and when he felt ready.

“One thing that’s for sure is that WWE and I do have a good-faith understanding that if and when I’m ready to return that I’ll be talking to them. They look forward and hope that we’ll be doing business again,” he told the Baltimore Sun during an interview.

Van Dam, who turned 41 years old last month, performed for WWE from 2001 to 2007. Should RVD return to WWE, he would join a select group of former WWE world champions—Booker T, Kevin Nash and Mick Foley—who joined TNA and ultimately returned to the Stamford based organization.

In 2006, ClubWWI.com welcomed the hottest new Club online – “Club OJ” hosted by former WWE United States Champion Orlando Jordan. Now, we open 2012 with the man who makes every day a good hair day as Orlando returns for an all new 40 minute edition with James Guttman. Known for his straight shooting approach and unapologetic views, Jordan and JG talk about everything in this latest edition including Brock Lesnar’s eventual WWE return, the messages it sends, shocking things about today’s rookie wrestlers, why so many stars from his generation have left the business and more. For a full list of topics, click here.

James Guttman and Orlando Jordan have spoken about many of his biggest moments in wrestling. From title reigns to the opening of Wildkats Sports training (with its debut monthly show in Kenner, LA on January 26th), it’s all been discussed. But one thing James noticed is that he and Orlando have rarely discussed the current wrestling scene. He asks Jordan if any angle stands out to him as top notch. OJ mentions the CM Punk vs. WWE storyline and the two discuss it, but that’s where it ends. As he explains to ClubWWI.com members, there’s not much that gets him tuning in regularly.

“Besides that, man, I enjoy being in the ring. I enjoy going out and wrestling so I can do what I do best. So I can bring what I don’t see and what I miss to people.”

Guttman brings up a quote that Terry Funk had said in his ClubWWI.com interview when asked about not watching today’s product. Funk had told James, “If I was a great plumber, I wouldn’t want to watch other people fix pipes.” Jordan laughs and the quote seems to hit the nail on the head in terms of what he’s saying.

“See, I wasn’t going to say that. (laughs) I tell my students, I don’t watch. I don’t watch wrestling. I don’t. I don’t watch it because I get pissed off. (laughs) I tell my students, though, that I’m always willing to talk. Even if I look like I don’t want to, I will. Because that’s what I’m here for – for them. I don’t watch it. I go outside of my home and I hear (about wrestling). People look at me and that’s what they see. That’s what Orlando Jordan is to people. So, for me, I keep myself around people that have no involvement. My close friends, we don’t talk about wrestling. In my own private time and everything, I do indulge myself there. I’m watching tapes right now, you know what I mean?”

Although he watches tapes and videos of mat technique, there’s little about today’s product that gets the former WWE United States Champion interested. As his ClubWWI.com show continues, Jordan talks about the changing face of the business and how it’s not as much a slight on the current business as it is a statement about his viewing habits. His limited watching isn’t just for the big companies. He’s on that list as well.

“I can’t even tell you on my hand how many times I’ve watched myself. I don’t watch myself when I’m in the ring. I don’t watch myself performing and stuff because, I just don’t. That’s always been my thing. Occasionally, I’m asked to sit and watch it with someone. So I have to force myself to do it. I don’t watch myself, typically, and things I do on TV. I have people come up to me all the time and say, ‘Oh! Remember that time you…?’ And I’m like, ‘Not really.’ (laughs) Because I don’t watch myself, particularly, and I don’t really watch too much wrestling on TV.”

But, as Orlando mentioned, he loves being in the ring. That’s why he’s excited about his upcoming tour of Australia once again. This time, he’s going on his own for three months and joining a top company there to showcase his talents. He tells ClubWWI.com members all about it…

“Back to Australia. By popular demand! They’ve been asking me to come out there for the past year and a half. Come out and go on tour around Australia. So I’m actually going to do that now that we’ve got everything situated and set up. July 18th, I’m starting in Western Perth, Australia. I’m going to be signing a deal with A.A.W. – All Action Wrestling – in Perth, Australia. That’s going to take me, representing them, all over Australia. It’s an exciting thing. It’s just me. I’m going to go out there on tour and be out there for three months. I have over 28 – 30 dates over the three months along with some wrestling seminars, appearances, and everything. So that’s going to keep me pretty busy.”


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