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Tossing Salt Presents: American Championship Wrestling

February 26, 2012   ·   0 Comments

Tossing Salt Presents: American Championship Wrestling
Live Report from Laurinburg, North Carolina
February 25, 2012
Doug Maynard

Greetings and salutations, my friends. I just got home from a great night of live wrestling action from the National Guard Armory in Laurinburg, NC… great action from the superstars of American Championship Wrestling. It was a great crowd of nearly 200 people crammed into the Armory looking for excitement and action and as expected, ACW didn’t disappoint. Let’s jump right to the action.

After the National Anthem, the CEO of ACW, Mr. Rusty Young came to the ring to get the show started. He introduced Brad Branson, who quickly made his way to the ring. Branson is primarily known as a tag team wrestler and one half of BD Productions (along with partner Derk Douglas), but tonight he was working alone. Brad got on the mic and mae it clear that after six long years of being ignored for title matches, he was ready to make that move and take on champions and challenge for gold.

It didn’t take long before ACW United States Champion Alex Adonis came out to the ring to respond. Adonis mentioned that in his fifteen years, he’s been exactly where Branson is now and he understands where Brad is coming from. Adonis mentions that he has a little problem with authority, but he’ll take it upon himself to accept Branson’s challenge. Adonis agrees to defend the title and makes a match for later in the night with Branson and the title is on the line. The two men shake hands and leave the ring as we get ready for the first match.

Match 1: Brute Force # 1 versus Jack Hammer

Brute Force is a masked man who usually works in a tag team with his partner, Brute Force #2. He’s got a great look with the white and black outfit and has a sort of Mr. Wrestling II vibe to him. Jack Hammer is a guy who’s been around ACW for a while and bears a resemblence to Dog the Bounty Hunter or maybe a mini-Thor. Just give him a helmet and hammer.

As far as the match itself goes, it was good back and forth action. Hammer would, as you expect from his name, use the power moves and hard blows to counter the sneaky, but dangerous masked man. Brute Force controlled the early part of the action with a few cheap shots behind the referee’s back, but Hammer powered out of the pin attempts and made the big comeback before finally securing a win with a sunset flip out of the corner to get the three count.

Winner: Jack Hammer

After the match ended (and Brute Force complained to the referee to no avail), a drawing to win an ECW Clock was announced and then it was off to the next match.

Match 2: Johnny Lightning versus Corey Duncum

Johnny Lightning spent most of the first few minutes before the match trying to keep a piece of green plastic hidden from the referee. Corey Duncum is a nice looking kid, but he needs to eat a sammich. That boy is skinny! As for the match, it was back and forth chop after chop after chop by both men. Lightning’s a little bit thicker than Corey, but it didn’t help him much because Duncum was really tearing into him with chop after chop. Lightning managed to make the big comeback, using that foreign object and some sneaky behavior ro distract the referee. Duncum went down and Lightning managed to cover him for a quick two-count. Lightning tried to go to the well and use the foeign object one more time, but Duncum saw it coming and managed to nail Lightning with a huge “Shades of Kerry Von Erich” discus punch to pick up the win.

Winner: Corey Duncum

After the match, the ring announcer led the fans in a chant of “Cheater” for Johnny Lightning as he headed towards the back. Once Lightning made it to the back, the ring announcer announced the participants for the next match.

Match 3: “Screaming Eagle” Andrew Kraze (w/ The I.W.A.) versus “War Hawk” Dylan Kage

The referee quickly assumed control by sending Chief Jay Eagle and Watchee, the “Indians With Attitude” away from ringside and to the back. While Kraze was outside the ring, arguing with security and the referee, Kage moved quickly and really set the crowd on fire as he began to lay into Kraze with chops outside the ring. Kraze fought back with chops and punches of his own as they made it back into the ring to start the match.

Kage controlled most of the first part of the match with some high-flying dropkicks and other high-impact blows, but Kraze proved he was there to fight as he nailed Kage with a modified version of the Widow’s Peak, followed by what can only be described as a “Shades of Arn Anderson spinebuster” for a two and nine-tenths count. Kage got the fans behind him and started to fight back, scoring with some heavy punches and then it was time for some “Sweet Chin Music – Dylan Kage style!”.

Kraze manages to duck the superkick and nail Kage with an ensaguri. Both men are down and we see Watchee slowly making his way back out to the ringside area. While the referee and security are dealing with Watchee, the third member of the I.W.A. slides out and around the back of the crowd and makes it up to the far side of the ring, where he leveled Kage with some cheap shots from the outside.

Andrew Kraze now has the advantage over Kage and Watchee is still distracting the referee, who along with security, are trying to keep him from the ring. Here comes Chief Red Thunder from the back and he goes up to the ring to keep Jay Eagle from getting involved and interfering. The referee finally makes it back to the ring where Kage and Kraze are slugging it out. The referee sees Jay Eagle at ringside and orders him away from the ring. Red Thunder is up on the ring apron and Kraze sees him and decides to go after Thunder. As Kraze charges, Thunder ducks and backflips Kraze to the floor. Unfortunately, this happens just as the referee is turning around and he calls for the bell, disqualifying Kage for Thunder’s outside interference.

Winner by DQ: “Screaming Eagle” Andrew Kraze

As Dylan Kage argues with the referee, Watchee and Jay Eagle grab Red Thunder and pull him from the ring and it’s beatdown time. Kraze sees what’s going on and quickly joins the fun, making it a three-on-one ambush. Here comes Tito Reigns out and he helps his partner, Red Thunder, fight off the I.W.A. forces. Here comes ACW CEO Rusty Young to the ring. He orders everyone to quit fighting and says that if they want to fight and make trouble, they can do it in a match. Young makes a match for later in the night as the main event. It’ll be Watchee and Jay Eagle, the Indians With Attitude versus Cheif Red Thunder and Tito Reigns. And when the I.W.A. starts to complain about the match, Young throws another curve ball their way with Dylan Kage to be the “Special Enforcer” for the tag match.

The I.W.A. head to the back while Red Thunder tries to make peace and explain to Kage that he didn’t mean to get him disqualified. We get a clarification to the referee’s decision with Kraze winning by DQ. Kage exchanges hugs with Eagle and Reigns as the show goes to Imtermission.

After about fifteen minutes of meeting and greeting the wrestlers and saying hello to some old friends, it was back to the ring and time for some more action.

Match 4: ACW United States Championship Match
Alex Adonis (champion) versus Brad Branson

Branson came out to a mixture of cheers and boos, but quickly got the crowd on his side by tossing candy and bubble gum to the children at ringside. He actually interrupted Adonis’s entrance with his antics, but Adonis decided to stand back and let Branson have his moment in the sun before making his way towards the ring. Once in the ring, Adonis and Branson shake hands and it looks as if we’re going to have a good, clean match.

That doesn’t last long as Adonis uses some cheap shots to knock Branson from the ring and to the floor. Suicide dive by Adonis, but Branson manages to slide out of the way and we see Alex eat some chairs. A long count by the referee and both men manage to get into the ring and start slugging it out. Tempers have started to fly. Adonis misses a swing by Branson and locks him up for a moment in what appears to be a “Shades of CM Punk Anaconda Vice”. Branson makes it to the ropes and escapes.

Adonis heads to the floor and grabs a steel chair, bringing it back into the ring. The referee stops him from using the chair and takes it away, tossing it to the floor. Branson grabs Adonis, who’s still arguing with the referee and plants him with a “Shades of Raven DDT”. Two count by Branson. Both men get up and Adonis powers Branson into the ropes and manages to lift the taller Branson into the air for a big “F.U.” While Branson is stunned, Adonis goes outside the ring and grabs another chair, bringng it into the ring and slamming it hard across Branson’s back. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner by DQ: Brad Branson

Adonis goes after Branson and throws him to the floor before grabbing a microphone. He talks crap to the crowd and turns total heel, calling the Laurinburg audience “trash” and “redneck losers”. Funny! Alex Adonis is just cutting loose on the mic and issues an open challenge to anyone who wants to come out from the back and face him for his United States Championship. Here comes Jack Hammer to the ring, followed by Johnny Lightning, Corey Duncum and Andrew Kraze.

Adonis starts talking junk about how it’s four on one and then he notices Branson back up on the apron and says five on one. Alex makes a promise that he’ll defend his title against anyone, but since it’s not fair to have five on one – that’s not how they do it in ACW – why not have a Battle Royal and he’ll fight the winner. We hear the ring announcer confirm it and everyone starts fighting.

Match 5: Battle Royal with the winner to face Alex Adonis for the United States Championship…
Brad Branson versus Andrew Kraze versus Jack Hammer versus Johnny Lightning versus Corey Duncum

As Alex Adonis stayed on the floor, hiding behind the ring announcer, he worked the microphone and was hilarious as he insulted and talked junk to the men still in the ring. Brad Branson was eliminated by Corey Duncum first, followed soon by Andrew Kraze, who was tossed out by Jack Hammer. The next to go was Duncum, who was tossed out by Hammer. The final two men were Johnny Lightning and Jack Hammer and it didn’t take long before there was one.

Winner: Jack Hammer

Adonis entered the ring after the match to congratulate Hammer, but quickly revealed his true colors as he leveled Hammer with a side-slam, followed by a Rock-Bottom. The referee tried to get involved and Adonis put him to the mat with a headbutt. More blows to Hammer and then Adonis nailed the referee with a solid slap that sent the referee’s glasses flying out of the ring and into the crowd. Ouch! Hammer was up and we got a great roll-around scuffle for a few moments and then Adonis rolled to the floor and escaped to the back.

Alex Adonis really earned his pay with these two matches. The guy is a great worker and great on the mic as well. If you want a comparison to someone from one of the “Big Two” companies, look at Austin Aries from TNA. Adonis is cut from the same mold and is really a big time star in the making. I also want to give kudos to Brad Branson for his match. I’ve known Mr. Branson for a long time, but I’ve only ever seen him work as a tag team wrestler. He proved tonight that he’s extremely capable and ready to work those singles matches just as well. The man has skills and is a talent to keep an eye on.

Match 6: To Determine The # 1 Contenders For The ACW World Tag Team Championship – Special Enforcer: Dylan Kage
Indians With Attitude – Jay Eagle & Watchee (w/ Andrew Kraze) versus Tito Reigns & Chief Red Thunder

We start off with a big brawl before the match as all three members of the I.W.A. go after Red Thunder and Tito Reigns. Dylan Kage finally comes out and gets a chair and order is restored long enough to get the match started. Tito starts off for his team against Watchee and it’s almost immediately brawling and exchanging of the chops. Tito reminds me so much of the late, great Pistol Pez Whatley with his antics and mannerisms. Watchee tags out and Jay Eagle comes in to throw some chops at Reigns, who shrugs them off and plants Eagle with a big time power-slam.

Watchee breaks up the count and uses his size to force Reigns into the corner where we see some IWA triple-teaming as Kraze gets in his shots from the outside. Dylan Kage comes over, but the security grabs him and keeps him from getting to Jay Eagle or Andrew Kraze. I thought Kage was the special enforcer, so why would security get in the way? Doesn’t sound right to me.

Thunder gets into the match to save his partner from the big time beatdown and Reigns manages to tag out and Red Thunder is in to take down the big man, Watchee. Lots of fists and chopping and it’s OINGO BOINGO brawl-city. Red Thunder with a Boston Crab on Jay Eagle as Watchee goes after Tito on the outside and slams his head hard into the ring-steps. As Red Thunder has Eagle trapped, Andrew Kraze is up on the ring apron with a title belt that he’s trying to give to Jay Eagle to help him fight back. Here comes Dylan Kage into the ring and he’s in a tug of war with Kraze over the title belt. The referee is there and so is Red Thunder, trying to figure out what’s going on. Kraze releases the belt and Kage’s arms with the belt fly back and nails Red Thunder into the head. The referee calls for the bell and the DQ.

Winners by DQ: The Indians With Attitude – Chief Jay Eagle and Watchee w/ Andrew Kraze

We get a big brawl as the I.W.A. goes back after Thunder and Tito once more. Dylan joins the fun and quickly, the I.W.A. flees to the back. Cheif Red Thunder complains to the referee and Tito gets the microphone. He doesn’t understand what’s going on with ACW and with Dylan Kage, but he doens’t care really. Tito says that they may not be the # 1 Contenders, but they’re on a chase to get some answers.

And there you go… that’s the show. It wasn’t the best show that ACW has ever presented, but it wasn’t from lack of effort. Everyone worked hard and gave 110%, but the show was lacking, in my opinion, star power. No Ethan Storm. No Main Attraction. No Ty Tyson. No Timber. It pretty much fell on Alex Adonis and Dylan Kage to be the big stars and carry the show and they did a helluva job, but something was still lacking. I think it might have been all the non-finishes. Three DQ finishes in a row? Give me a break!

Aside from that minor annoyance, I’ll still give the powers that be at ACW credit. They took what was essentially a weak card, everyone busted their butts and worked hard, and it ended up making for a fun night and a good show. And next time that ACW comes to town, I’m going to be glad to be there to watch them rectify the minor flaws and kick ass as only American Championship Wrestling can do.

And that’s it for me. Comments and questions can be sent to Doug28352@yahoo.com. I’m Doug and I’m outta here. Thanks for reading. Take it light, my Peeps!



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