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Wrestling Fact Or Fiction – April 15, 2012

April 16, 2012   ·   0 Comments

Wrestling Fact Or Fiction
April 15, 2012
Doug Maynard & Russell Jackson

We’re running a few days behind this week. Life is crazy for me, due to a new job of being a cash register monkey and administrator of customer service and Russell is a busy, busy man as well, just by being awesome 24/7. So the column was put on hold for a few days, but here it is now, better late than never. Let’s just jump right to it and decide if these ten statements, referring to different WWE and TNA maters, are “Fact or Fiction”. Let’s do this…

WWE was correct to pull Randy Orton as the star of movie, “The Marine: Homefront”?

Doug – FACT: What I want to know is who was the big brain that decided to cast Orton, a man who was kicked out of the Marines for going AWOL, in this role in the first place because it was a stupid move. I understand that they want to keep the “Marine” franchise alive and Orton, being a former Marine, seems like a natural fit for the role, but use a little common sense. Orton disgraced the Marines and went AWOL, walking away from from his service and it’s common knowledge. Of course there are people in the Marine Corps that are upset. I would be too. If they want to cast a WWE star in the role, use John Cena again. Hell, use Cody Rhodes. He’s not good for anything except for being squashed by Big Show right now anyhow. Hell, use Dolph Ziggler or Jack Swagger. It’d be a good fit for Swagger with his “All American American” image. Almost anyone on the WWE roster would have worked for this role except Randy Orton. But the WWE picks Randy Orton. Geez!

Russell – FICTION: Even though Randy Orton goin AWOL while he was in the military was a wrong thing for him to do, that’s no reason for him not to star in the new “Marine” movie…If the armed forces (the Marines in particular) has no problems with Orton entertainin them in Iraq/Afganistan for the past several years, then they should have no problem with him bein in the new “Marine” movie…After all, it IS a movie, not the real thing…

(0-1) When Randy Orton is involved, people get polarized and opinionated.

It will be Wrestlemania 29 before we see The Undertaker wrestle again?

Doug – FACT: If every annual match is like the one we saw at Wrestlemania, then once a year is all that the Undertaker needs. He’s earned his spot and the opportunity to make his own match schedule and should only have to wrestle when he thinks it’s time. I’m not a big Taker fan anyhow so one great match a year works well for me anyhow.

Russell – FACT: Considerin it took a whole year to bring ‘Taker back to wrestle HHH at WrestleMania XXVIII, I look at history to repeat itself…We won’t be seein Undertaker wrestle again til at WrestleMania XXIX…

(1-1) Even once a year of Undertaker is better than no Undertaker at all.

Brock Lesnar is correct when he says that he’s replacing John Cena as the “face of the WWE”?

Doug – FICTION: Brock has immediately become ONE of the faces of the WWE, but John Cena has cemented his spot and he’s still the WWE’s go-to guy for promotional appearances, commercials, charity work, etc. Not matter how big Brock (or CM Punk or anyone else for that matter) becomes, Cena is still “the man” and the face of the company and unless he gets injured or retires, it’s going to stay that way for a long time to come.

Russell – FACT: It really all depends if Brock Lesnar doesn’t “crack” under the pressure of doin the horrindous travel that is custom with WWE…If he can keep it together, after bein paid 5 million dollars for a 1 year contract & if he becomes WWE Champion on down the road, I look at him replacin Cena as the “face of the WWE”…

(1-2) The next year will be a time of reckoning for “The Next Big Thing” in the WWE.

With Brock Lesnar now back in the WWE, this means we will eventually see the return of his wife, Sable, as well?

Doug – FACT: I hope not, but Vince seems to have a weakness for talentless bimbettes who have sued him once or twice in the past. It might take a while, but you have to know that sooner or later, she’ll be back. She always comes back.

Russell – FICTION: I could see Sable comin back for a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame next year, but not as a wrestler…With the “Diva” division is all but a waste of time bein on TV, I don’t expect to see Sable returnin as a wrestler…Either a spot in the HoF or as a host of a program on WWE Network…

(1-3) Is everyone ready for a Sablicious good time?

Santino and Brodus Clay make a great tag team?

Doug – FICTION: Santino, I like. Clay, I don’t. And while the pairing is kind of entertaining and funny, it puts images of Clay jiggling on my TV screen. I don’t need to see that crap. I like being able to sleep at night and watching Brodus do this thing is the stuff that horrific nightmares are made of.

Russell – FICTION: Santino & Brodus Clay hasn’t had enough experience of taggin together to even be considered a great tag team…Let them have more tag matches to see if they even gel together & then I’ll reconsider my answer to this question at a later date…

(2-3) Some teams are made for each other, but this isn’t one of them.


Chris Jericho versus CM Punk has the potential to be the WWE Feud Of The Year?

Russell – FACT: With the way that Chris Jericho has been makin this feud personal between him & CM Punk, I look for the feud between Chris Jericho & CM Punk to be the WWE Feud of the Year…

Doug – FACT: While Cena versus Brock will be the feud that gets the attention and big push, Chris Jericho and CM Punk are poised to step up and steal the show. Both men know how to wrestle, how to talk and how to tell a story and both are deserving of the title, “One of the best in the world!”. So long as the WWE allows Cena and Jericho to book their own feud and doesn’t try to step in and “improve” things, this rivalry has the potential to not only be one of the best feuds of the year, but of all time as well. Both of these guys are that good and so long as they’re allowed to do their thing without interference, it’ll only get better and better.

(3-3) Jericho and Punk are two of the best in the business and have some high expectations, which they can easily fufill.

The Bella Twins leaving the WWE will be a big blow to the WWE Divas Division?

Russell – FICTION: WWE doesn’t haven’t enough of a Divas Division that the Bella Twins leavin the WWE would be considered a big blow to the WWE…

Doug – FICTION: It would be a big blow if the WWE Divas division actually meant anything, but it doesn’t. Only a handful of the ladies can actually wrestle more than three moves and while the Bellas were unique in their twin magic routine, that’s about the only thing they had going for them to make them stand out. They came and stuck around for a while. It’s time for them to go and move on. No big deal!

(4-3) The Divas in WWE are an afterthought at best.

“Curly’s” imitation of Hulk Hogan was a cheap shot by the WWE at Hulk Hogan?

Russell – FACT: Any time the WWE has some actor/wrestler to play a comedic spoof of Hogan on WWE TV it’s gonna be a cheap shot by the WWE at Hulk Hogan…McMahon made Hulk Hogan a house hold name in the 80s/early 90s, Hogan is at TNA…As long as Hogan is in the wrestling business & if he’s not associated with WWE in any way, WWE will continue to make cheap shots at Hogan (which makes no sense, since Hogan is the HoF of the month this month on WWE Classics on Demand…oh well…)

Doug – FACT: Yeah, it was but who cares? It was funny and if anyone deserves to be made fun of, it’s Hulk Hogan. Yeah, Hogan jokes are a little dated, but to me, they never get old and more power to Will Sasso for his great Hogan impressions.

(5-3) Hogan is a prime target for ridicule and a walking joke these days just waiting to be made fun of.

You’re excited for the returns of RVD and The Motor City Machine Guns to TNA Impact Wrestling?

Russell – FICTION: I like both RVD & the MCMG don’t get me wrong, but TNA hasn’t made any efforts in makin unique/watchable storylines for me to go back in watchin Impact Wrestling…

Doug – FICTION: I’d much rather see RVD make a return to the WWE where he can add a little star power and impact to the WWE roster (and make more money too!) As for the Machine Guns, the name is stupid, but they’re a good team with a lot of talent. They can really help and add to the TNA Tag Team Division so for them, it’s probably a good move, but as for myself, it’ll take a lot more than those two guys to make me want to watch TNA Impact Wrestling more often.

(6-3) TNA has so much amazing talent, but it seems more and more that they still don’t have a clue.

So far, Hulk Hogan has done a good job as the “Authority Figure” for TNA Impact?

Russell – FICTION: As long as Hogan (or Bitchoff for that matter) has anythin to do with runnin TNA, I won’t be watchin their product!

Doug – FICTION: So far, it’s been same old – same old with long monologues and all Hogan / all the time. What made Sting so effective is that he appeared in small doses, focused the attention on the other wrestlers and kept it short and sweet. Hogan is all about Hogan. Always has been and always will be. And having him as the “GM of Impact”, after his history on Impact! and with Dixie Carter just reeks of stupidity anyhow. It defies all logic and common sense. Bleh to Hulk Hogan!

(7-3) Since Hogan took over, ratings have dropped. That speaks for itself.

And there you go. After a weak start, Russell and I end up with a record of 7 – 3, which isn’t too shabby at all. I think we deserve a hand and a pat on the back. Or maybe a beer. Yeah, a nice cold beer. That’ll work.

I’m not sure when the next “Fact or Fiction” column will be up. It all depends on if I still have internet service after this weekend. Long story, but we’ll be trying for next week so just keep your eyes open. Questions and comments can be sent to Doug28352@yahoo.com. My thanks again to Russell Jackson, the best tag team partner a guy can have, for all his help. I’m Doug and for now, I am out of here. Have a great week. Don’t forget TNA Lockdown tonight. And I am outta here. Later!



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