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Wrestling Fact Or Fiction: February 17, 2012

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Tossing Salt Presents: Wrestling Fact or Fiction
February 17, 2012
Doug Maynard

I’m just singing in the rain… singing in the rain… it’s wet outside and I hate it. That’s why I’m inside sitting at the computer. Wet and cold in February is not for me. Greetings and salutations to everyone and I hope that everyone had a great Valentine’s Day this past Tuesday and got plenty of good loving. Welcome to another exciting week of “Wrestling Fact or Fiction”. I’m Doug and as always, I’m joined by a man more dangerous than a blind date with Joran van der Sloot, the true Insane Icon, Mr. Russell Jackson. Questions were sent out on Tuesday night and cover both the WWE and TNA. Let’s do this…

Bobby Roode retaining the TNA World Championship was the correct way to end “Against All Odds”?

Doug – FACT: I personally would have preferred to see Bully Ray win the title, but for the company, it’s better to quit playing musical titles and build up one person as a long term champion. Roode is the current champion and really hasn’t had the chance to really shine yet as the Champion and make his mark on the title. So let his reign continue for a while longer and allow Roode to keep the challengers at bay. It’s better for the company and the title this way.

Russell – FICTION: The way Bobby Roode retainin the TNA World Championship to end “Against All Odds” PPV reminded me of the way SummerSlam 1997 PPV ended in the WWE Championship between Undertaker & Bret Hart with Shawn Michaels as the special referee…Only 2 differences between SummerSlam 97 & Against All Odds – 1) AAO main event was a Fatal 4 Way & SummerSlam 97 ended with Bret Hart winnin the WWE Championship for the 5th time…The same thing happened at both PPVs – The special referee/enforcer ended up gettin in the middle of the outcome & makin the 3 count for the intended victim…TNA needs to stop relyin on what’s already been done in WWEs past & needs to come up with their own creative outcome for their main event PPV matches…

Due to the serious injury to Jesse Sorenson, TNA should limit the action outside the ring and force their wrestlers to cut down on the high risk manuevers?

Doug – FICTION: Accidents happens and though what happened to Sorenson is sad, realistically it could happen to any person that steps into that squared circle. TNA needs to make sure that their wrestlers are well trained and know what they’re doing, but high risk manuevers are part of the job. TNA might encourage their stars to be a little less reckless and maybe avoid some of the riskier manuevers, but in the end, it’s up to the men and women who wrestle to decide just how many risks they’re going to take.

Russell – FICTION: High risk manuevers are just that, high risk manuevers…Every wrestler knows what the risks are if they perform a high risk manuevers & it backfires on them…Even tho Jesse Sorenson suffered a serious injury, I don’t think TNA should limit the action outside the ring & force their wrestlers to cut down on the high risk manuevers, especially when it involves the X-Division wrestlers…That’s what the X-Division is all about – High risk, straight forward action…

Zack Ryder will end up turning on John Cena at the Elimination Chamber pay per view and costing him the match against Kane?

Doug – FACT: I hope so anyhow. Zack has been treated like a total idiot and moron since this whole Cena / Kane “Embrace the Hate” began and all the momentum and fan support he built up on his own is being squandered away and it totally sucks. This has hurt Ryder from the start and the only way he’s going to be able to get his heat back is to stand up to Kane and stand up to Cena and have a “moment”. Taking out Cena would be a great way to do so. Lay out Cena… lay out Eve… lay out Kane and maybe lay out Santino (just because) and make “Woo Woo Woo” words to be feared and respected. Ryder owes Cena for quite a bit and it’s time he started collecting.

Russell – FACT: Some way, shape, or form I think not only will Zack Ryder end up turnin on John Cena and costin him the match against Kane at the Elimination Chamber PPV, but Ryder will end up costin Cena in any match that Cena is in every chance that Ryder gets after Cena & Eve playin tonsil hockey in front of Zack Ryder…I have a feelin that Ryder is gonna make life miserable for both Cena & Eve & so he should…

You’re looking forward to the Kane – John Cena “Ambulance Match” at the Elimination Chamber on Sunday night?

Doug – FICTION: The only thing I’m looking forward to with these two men is for this whole crappy storyline to end. It’s been crappy since day 1 and just gets more silly and stupid each week. Cena can move on to The Rock and Wrestlemania, while Kane can move on to feud with Zack Ryder, Santino or better yet, just vanish into wrestling limbo forever.
Russell – FACT: With the way that Cena screwed his “friend” over on Raw, I’m lookin forward to see how the “Ambulance Match” plays out this Sunday at the Elimination Chamber PPV…All the more reason in wantin Kane to win & see if Zack Ryder lays the Zack Attack on John Cena durin Cena’s match with Kane & Cena wind up in the Ambulance…

You enjoyed the “debate” between the six Elimination Chamber participants that started off RAW Monday night?

Doug – FICTION: These are six men who are supposed to hate each other, right? They regularly beat the holy hell out of each other, right? So the WWE has them standing all together in the middle of a ring, cracking jokes and debating why they deserve to win the Elimination Chamber and the WWE Championship? Give me a freakin’ break! If someone had done the things to me that Miz & R-Truth (for example) did to CM Punk just a few short months ago, there is no way I’d be standing next to them, cracking jokes and listening to Truth talk about spider stew. I know that with the WWE and the world of “sports-entertainment”, we’re supposed to suspend our belief sometimes, but this is ridiculous to the extreme.

Russell – FICTION: The “debate” was a BIG waste of time to start off Raw…& the Jackasses that is the WWE wants to know why they keep losin views each & every week?…Well there you have it…Here’s an f’n hint ya idiots at WWE, WRESTLING FANS wants to see WRESTLING MATCHES…They do NOT wanna watch their favorite WRESTLERS ramble on & on about some retarded debate on what their gonna do in the Elimination Chamber match or their thoughts on why they should win the Elimination Chamber match…MORE WRESTLING, LESS TALKING, & GET THAT GOOF THAT IS MICHAEL COLE OFF THE ANNOUNCING TABLE, THAT IDIOT HAS NO BUSINESS CALLIN WRESTLING MATCHES WHAT-SO-FREAKIN-EVER IN THE WWE!!!!!…

<<< — SWITCHEROO — >>>

Miz was correct when he called Kofi Kingston “an afterthought” in the WWE?

Russell – FICTION: Miz is what I would call “an afterthought”, not Kofi Kingston…Kofi Kingston has a chance to win the Elimination Chamber match, a small chance I might add…All that Miz is, is a loud mouth who’s bark is much bigger than his bite…

Doug – FACT: As a singles star, Kofi has been over-looked by most of the WWE Universe. I look at Kofi right now and I’m wondering how the hell he got into this match. He’s a tag team guy who held the tag titles with Evan Bourne for the past year and now, when they have a hole to fill in the Elimination Chamber, they pull him out and stick him in the slot. I personally would have used… I don’t know… the United States Champion Jack Swagger to fill that spot since, via the U.S. Championship, he’s automatically the # 2 guy on RAW. Kof is a good wrestler. That’s for sure. And he is more than capable of holding his own against anyone in the WWE, but because of the way he’s been booked and used, especially over the past year, he just doesn’t fit in with the other five names in the Chamber. Punk, Miz, Jericho or even Dolph – they have a chance of winning. Kofi (and R-Truth for that matter) are just filler taking up spaces. It’s sad, but it’s true!

Triple H will continue to refuse to wrestle The Undertaker at Wrestlemania XXVIII?

Russell – FACT: Triple H will continue to refuse to wrestler the Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVIII UNTIL his demands are met which will be that Taker’s streak is on the line & if Taker loses, Taker retires…

Doug – FACT: He’ll keep refusing and making excuses and Shawn and Taker will keep baiting him. And this will drag on and on and on until about two weeks before Wrestlemania. And then, finally, something will happen and HHH will be forced to say yes.

Shawn Michaels will end up being a part of Wrestlemania XXVIII?

Russell – FACT: Shawn Michaels will end up being a part of WrestleManua XXVIII as the special referee for the Triple H vs Undertaker match…DX WILL reunite & end Taker’s streak at WrestleMania XXVIII & if you’re not down with that, I’ve got 2 words for ya…SUCK IT!!!!!…

Doug – FACT: One of his nicknames is “Mr. Wrestlemania”… I think that says it all right there.

Tamina Snuka is a good choice to challenge Beth Phoenix for the Divas Championship?

Russell – FICTION: The ONLY “Diva” that is a good choice to challenge Beth Phoenix for the Divas Championship is Kharma & ONLY Kharma WILL be the one to shut Beth Phoenix’s mouth once & for all when she takes the Divas Championship away from Phoenix at WrestleMania XXVIII…

Doug – FACT: Tamina has a good look, a family history as the daughter of Jimmy Snuka, and she really hasn’t been pushed or used yet which makes her a fresh face to challenge Phoenix. They can even bring in her father and brother (Cliff Compton / Deuce) if they want and make her push and desire for the Divas Championship a “family pride” type of deal if they want. It’s not Kelly Kelly or Alicia Fox challenging Beth and that’s a good thing. I’d rather see Kharma contend for the gold, but I’m assuming that’s penciled in for Wrestlemania XXVIII pending Kharma’s health. Tamina is a good talent and a good contender for Beth and a good way for the WWE Divas to kill time until Kharma is ready to return to the ring.

This weeks RAW was a good show to lead into the Elimination Chamber pay per view?

Russell – FACT: On a scale of 1 – 10, I give it a 6…With the exception of the “debate” that kicked off Raw, it was alright…Remember you idiots at WWE, MORE WRESTLING, LESS TALKING & GET THAT IDIOT, MICHAEL COLE OFF THE ANNOUNCING TABLE & PUT JIM ROSS BACK WHERE HE BELONGS!!!!!!!…

Doug – FICTION: It was an okay show, but there was absolutely nothing that made me want to blow $45 and watch the Elimination Chamber pay per view. Truthfully, the more I saw of the Kane / Cena / Ryder crap-fest, the more desire I felt to turn off the TV and say to hell with the WWE. I’m sure that the two Elimination Chamber matches will be good, but there is nothing on the card that feels “must see” to me and RAW this past week didn’t help at all to change that perception.

So there you go. Another week in the books and we only batted 5-5 this time, agreeing only on fifty percent of the issues. Oh well! If we agreed on everything, just think how boring it would be. Questions and comments can be sent to Doug28352@yahoo.com. And if you’d like to join Russell and myself in this great weekly debate (all we’re missing are the podiums), just drop me a line at the same e-mail addy and we’d be glad to have you.

And I guess that’s all. Don’t forget that the Elimination Chamber is coming up on Sunday night as the WWE continues the “Road To Wrestlemania XXVIII”. My thanks once again to Russell for all of his great help each week. And a special shout out to my man, Cal… Happy Valentines Day! I love ya! And on that, we’re gone. A new edition of “Tossing Salt” coming up this weekend. See you on the flip side.



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