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Wrestling Fact Or Fiction – January 26, 2012

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Tossing Salt Presents: Wrestling Fact Or Fiction
January 26, 2012
Doug Maynard

The President of the United States did his “State of the Union” speech this week. Myself and Russell Jackson, the man who puts the “awe” in “awesome” are doing another “Wrestling Fact or Fiction” column. Which is better? Why do you even have to ask? Let’s do this…

William Regal is campaigning for a shot at the World Championship, currently held by his former protege, Daniel Bryan. He should get a title match?

Doug – FACT: I’m hoping that this is what the potenital feud with Brodus Clay will eventually lead to. Regal is a long and firm fixture in the WWE and has a well deserved reputation as one of the best technical wrestlers, as well as one of the best talkers in the company. He’s been hidden away for far too long on NXT and at FCW. Let the man be on TV. Let the man talk and most importantly, let the man wrestle. Daniel Bryan is one of the best wrestlers in the world and he considers William Regal one of his mentors, as well as one of his best friends. Students versus Teacher feuds sell tickets and put butts in the seats. It would be a good feud, it would draw attention to the WWE for the right reasons (wrestling) and Regal has been a great employee for a long long time, ever since conquering his personal demons. Give the man his break. Give him Daniel Bryan and maybe a short run as the World Heavyweight Champion.

Russell – FACT: Let’s see here, William Regal has won the WCW World Television Championship (4x), the World Tag Team Championship (4x), WWE Hardcore Championship (3x), WWE European Championship (4x), & WWE Intercontinental Championship (2x)…Plus he’s also won the King of the Ring Title in 2008…I think he should not only challenge Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Championship but also challenge for the WWE Championship…It’s been way, way, WAAAAAAYYYYYYY overdue for the tenure that he’s been with the WWE…

WWE should go ahead and release Evan Bourne from his contract?

Doug – FACT: Two wellness suspensions in such a short period of time shows that either Borne doesn’t give a damn or else he’s an idiot. Either way, he doesn’t deserve a WWE contract right now. The WWE needs to let him go and cut their losses now. Maybe at a future date, they can bring him back if he’s willing to play by the rules and behave. But two violations in such a short period of time means that Bourne doesn’t give a damn and if he doesn’t care, why should the WWE? Pink slip him and let him be.

Russell – FACT: If Evan Bourne was on his first offense (which he already surpassed) then I’d say give him a second chance, but he’s now on his second offense with him servin a 60 day suspension…Who’s to say that if WWE gave him 1 more chance after Bourne served his 60 day suspension, that Bourne will “F” that chance up as well…I say can him, let him go to the Independent Scene, or get in another line of work…He blew his chance…

The John Cena – Kane feud has officially entered the world of stupid / hokey dumb as hell?

Doug – FACT: It started off stupid, appeared to be leveling out and now it’s officially gone off the tracks of common sense. Kane has kind of cut it back a bit and seems to be settling into his role, so he’s not the problem. The problem is Cena and his bad acting skills, not to mention the subsequent burying of Zack Ryder in the process. What the hell was that deal with Cena on Monday? “Hang in there Zack”, he says. Zack just got slaughtered and given a “broken back” and it’s Cena’s fault. And he says “hang in there” and then does the flared nostrils, Dr. Banner turns into the Hulk facial expressions, bit! And all of the seriousness that Zack and Kane built up is shot to hell. End this feud and bring back Zack to get revenge against his “friend and mentor” (remember what I said about student versus teacher feuds earlier). Let Kane go somewhere and maybe go after the man who broke his ankle and put him out of action for four months (Mark Henry). This feud is stupid and the ratings back me up on this. Every single person involved (Cena, Kane, Ryder, Eve) have other things they could and should be doing instead. Well, maybe not Eve but who cares about the Divas anyhow? Hopefully, this all ends at the Rumble and is quickly forgotten and never mentioned again.

Russell – FACT: OMFG!!!!! (I really can’t believe I just used a dumb internet abbreviation like that, considerin I think they’re retarded as hell) Let’s count the ways here…You have Kane come back from a 5 month hiatus, expectin to rekindle the fued with the guy that put him on the “injured” list, that guy bein Mark Henry…Instead, you put him in a fued with the lame, robotic, the next generation version of Hulk Hogan, John Cena for no apparent reason at all…Then to make matters worse, in the midst of the lame ass fued, you insert Zack Ryder, who had just won, need I mind you, the United States Championship in December…He gets chokeslammed to hell by Kane out on the loadin dock 2 weeks ago, which leads to him to lose the United States Championship to the goofball, Jack Swagger…Then this past Monday, a “Falls Count Anywhere Match” between Zack Ryder & Kane leads to Kane chokeslammin Ryder through the stage & now Zack has a broken back…& now John Cena is gonna seek revenge & retribution on what Kane has done to his best buddy/gopher that is Zack Ryder…WHAT THE HOLY F*** IS GOIN ON HERE!!!!!!!!!!…This whole storyline/fued is MAJORLY lame & it needs to end as soon as f****** possible before I lose my freakin sanity…The WWE Creative plus the WWE Writers needs to be horsewhipped for havin this fued last as long as it has..

CM Punk is right when he says he’s “not a role model”?

Doug – FACT: No professional athlete or actor or politician should be a role model. If someone needs a role model, they should look to their father, their uncle, their big brother or someone who actually matters in their lives. Punk has some good qualities about him, but he’s not perfect. And we only see a small part of him with TV or interviews. If you need a role model, look to yourself and the world around you and not some character on TV. Or if you really insist, you can come to me. I will be your role model and inspiration. But don’t blame me if you can’t keep up. You’re welcome!

Russell – FACT: In my own opinion, not only is CM Punk not a role model, the WRESTLERS are not role models…They are PROFESSIONAL WRESTLERS that are livin their dream, WRESTLING in WRESTLING MATCHES…They’re only human…

Triple H should fire John Laurinaitis as the GM of RAW next week and replace him with Mick Foley?

Doug – FICTION: I was going to say “Fact” when I first wrote this question, but I’ve had a little time to think of it. Let Johnny-Boy do what he’s going to do to CM Punk at the Royal Rumble on Sunday night and bring that feud to an end. And on Monday when HHH makes his appearance, he can make his judgement of Ace’s days as the “Interim Raw General Manager” and act accordingly. And what better way to punish Ace than to appoint Mick Foley as the Co-General Manager? We can then spend the next few months leading up to Wrestlemania with Ace and Foley playing “anything you can do, I can do better” and then settle things in a John Lauriniatis versus Mick Foley match at the big show in April for control of RAW. Works for me.

Russell – FACT: Hey that works for me…I wanted to suggest last week that Laurinaitis & Foley wrestle a match at the Royal Rumble PPV to determine the Raw GM, but with that idiot Laurinaitis publicly statin on Raw last week that he was gonna screw CM Punk in his title defense against Dolph Ziggler at the Royal Rumble PPV this Sunday, he over shot his mouth…Given the fact, that it was Laurinaitis who got Triple H to resign from Raw & fill in the vacancy as Interim GM at the moment, is all the more reason for Triple H to fire John Laurinaitis from the Raw GM spot & give it to Mick Foley as the permanent Raw GM…

<<—– SWITCHEROO —–>>

You’re looking forward to a possible feud with Brodus Clay versus William Regal?

Russell – FICTION: I hate the Brodus Clay character from the get go…This whole concept with him “dancin” from the stage to the ring, it’s not dancin…He looks like a hippopotamus with no rhythm…Then “dancin” while he’s wrestling, he looks like a jackass with no rhythm…Until the jackasses in WWE repackages Brodus Clay yet again, anythin that Brodus Clay does or will be doin, doesn’t remotely interest me…Nuff Said!

Doug – FACT: If this developing situation leads to more William Regal on our TV and in the ring, it’s definitely a good thing. Working against Regal can only make Clay better in the ring and better as a WWE Superstar so that’s a plus for him. And it could eventually point Regal to a match against Daniel Bryan (hopefully) which would be the best thing of all. Regal is de’ (man’s) man!

Daniel Bryan will lose the World Championship at the Royal Rumble Pay Per View?

Russell – FICTION: As much as I hate to say it, I don’t think Daniel Bryan will lose the World Heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble PPV…I look for him to weave around, let Big Show & Mark Henry battle it out between them, with Daniel Bryan escapin the cage & keepin the World Heavyweight Championship.

Doug – FICTION: Big Show and Mark Henry will counter-balance each other out in the pay per view and Bryan will sneak out / escape with his World Championship intact. It’s too soon to end the Daniel Bryan experiment and I think the WWE realizes it. At least I hope that they do.

Zack Ryder will return from his “injury” before Wrestlemania?

Russell – FICTION: The jackasses that are The WWE will keep Zack Ryder off TV for quite some time…I don’t look for Zack Ryder to be back before WrestleMania XXVIII or a lil bit after the PPV at that…

Doug – FACT: Ryder’s “condition” has already been changed from “broken back” to a “herniated disk” and by next week, it’ll be athlete’s foot. Zack will return seeking revenge on the “Big Red Machine” or maybe John Cena and he might even resume his quest to be the U.S. Champion. The bottom line is that Ryder has developed quite a loyal following (despite all the WWE efforts to bury him) and that means he’ll have a spot at Wrestlemania. He’s had a really hot year and to not have him there, as part of the WWE’s biggest show would be totally moronic and insane… and not in a good way either.

Chris Jericho will win the Royal Rumble?

Russell – FICTION: I think Chris Jericho will be the man eliminated from the Royal Rumble Match…I think the winner will be Randy Orton…Expect him to win the Royal Rumble Match this Sunday…

Doug – FICTION: I was thinking he had it locked up for a few weeks since his return, but I’ve changed my mind. I’m thinking that he’ll lose via shenanigans and mischievious means and next Monday, there will be hell to pay as Y2J (and his new female accomplice, who I’m hoping is Ivory, but I doubt it) stage a revolution and break down the walls.

Jim Ross should be brought back to replace John Laurinaitis as the “Executive Vice President of Talent Relations”?

Russell – FACT: John Laurinaitis needs to fizzle away like a bad fart & who would be a better replacement to fill the spot as the “Executive Vice President of Talent Relations” as the man that Laurinaitis took it from?…Bring Jim Ross back to fill that spot…Case closed…

Doug – FALSE: This should happen, but it won’t. I just don’t like Johnny Ace, but he has done a fair job in the back-office job and deserves credit. But as the WWE moves into a new era, with the network coming up, I think that Ace’s role should be revamped as well. Bring in Tommy Dreamer. Bring back Mike Bucci (Simon Dean). Hell, give Jamie Noble a raise and job title and move him up the corporate ladder and make, instead of a single man having that power, a team or partnership of two or more men to handle things. All of that should happen backstage and behind the scenes. And on TV, just reappoint Jim Ross to the role (in name only) as to give us a reason to have J.R. on TV and at RAW each week. Ross has said before that he has no desire to move back to CT or to another management position, but I don’t think he’s object very hard to playing the role on TV. Hell, it’d irritate Johnny-Boy so that means it has to be good.

We only went (6-4) this week? Will unity ever be achieved? Who knows, but we’ll keep trying.

And that’s all for now. Comments and questions can be sent to Doug28352@yahoo.com. My thanks once more to Russell, my partner in wrestling punditness, for his aid and answers in putting this thing together. You de’ man, Russell! I’m Doug and I’m out of here. Go visit my blogsite at www.tsfiction.blogspot.com and read stuff. It’s lots of fun. See you next week.



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